Here is my story of how it all started (although we all know how it really starts), including a background of who I am.  Prior to being a stay at home mom I had a career that I worked really hard to achieve.  I worked for a law firm as a paralegal (although we all know that means a certified babysitter and paper fetcher), but I was proud of that nonetheless.  I met my husband, Kyle, online in 2014.  We obviously wasted no time as we bought and house and were married in April of 2015.  As bad as this may sound I never thought that I wanted children.  I was happy with my cat (I have two but only one is my precious tortoiseshell that I treasure) and my new husband and I was excited to travel the world.  We were planning a trip to Ireland for 2016 and I could not have been more excited.  Then December 2015 hit.  I kept telling my husband that I felt pregnant, everything smelled (I gagged at the smell of lotion anyways but this was intensified), I was falling asleep on the couch at 7:00.  Falling asleep on the couch at 8:45 isn’t all that unusual for me, but not being able to stay up past 7:00, well this was just sheer madness.  Kyle of course told me that I was crazy and that there was no way I was pregnant.  Welp, I am used to being called crazy so I took a pregnancy test anyways. It was faintly positive, to me I knew this was positive to him to was negative and I was still crazy.  I hadn’t missed my first period yet, but I just knew.  Then Christmas Day came and went.  I made Kyle run out to Walgreens to fetch two more pregnancy tests.  My father was in town but I didn’t care I made him go buy them anyways.  Two pregnancy tests later proved I was not crazy at least this time around.  Kyle was ecstatic.  Good for him.  I on the other hand about hyperventilated from all the crying  I was damn terrified.  I was supposed to be going to Ireland dammit, not fat and pregnant.

I am horrible at keeping secrets so despite the advice of waiting until the end of the first trimester I told my closest friends and family that I was pregnant.  This was the most horrible idea as they constantly wanted to talk about it and that only pushed me into sheer panics at the mention of the baby!  That Monday after the holiday I called my OB/GYN and set an appointment.  Not even two weeks later I started spotting, which scared me.  It scared me. I must have been coming around about the idea of this pregnancy.  I had an ultrasound to make sure that the baby was ok, I had a hemorrhage, but there was the little bean with a tiny heartbeat.  This was the first week of January and my baby already had a heartbeat.  They set an ultrasound for the next week.

On January 15th I went in for my first actual pre-natal visit and another ultrasound was scheduled.  During the ultrasound everything was going great.  The tech instantly found the little bean and started measuring and listening to a heartbeat.  During the exam the tech said 7 mm times two.  My husband and I both stopped in our tracks and asked her, “what did you say?”  The next thing we heard was, “Oh, I just measured baby twice…oh wait what is that? There is another baby, will you look at that.”  She then labeled two blobs.  One Baby A and Baby B.  We were going to have twins. WE WERE HAVING TWINS. And this is how it all started….

My babies are now 6 months and I just now have “time” to start a blog.  Check back for insignts from my pregnancy.