Everyone warns you of this moment, but you never think it will happen to you.  Welp, on Friday (just now have a chance to share in my pain) it happened to me.  I have my bubs six month appointment last week and voiced my concerns that the boys were faced with the dreaded constipation to our pediatrician.  I told her that I did not want to give them medication but rather “move things along” naturally.  She agreed with no medication and recommended that I start to give the babies either prune juice or prunes daily.  I had already tried prunes with them once before and they thoroughly enjoyed them, although I am not quite sure what they don’t enjoy yet.  When they get older I am sure that they are going to eat me out of house and home.  So, starting Wednesday, the day after the appointment I started feeding them prunes for breakfast.  Last week was a slow week at work for my husband.  On Friday, he actually had a pretty full day so I was on bub duty all alone.  The day was going normal, nothing out of the ordinary.  When the boys woke up for their 3:00 feeding I was having a hell of a time feeding them.  I usually always feed them on their boppy pillows, one on each side.  They were throwing themselves off and writhing in pain.  I was concerned for them.  Then I heard it.  The clear sound of passing of gas.  I instantly thought that explains it.  So, I went about the feeding.  After they had finished there bottles I lifted up Gabriel and I saw it. Down his leg. It was a brown streak of poo.  I instantly put him down in horror.  I took off his pants and it oozed from everywhere.  I moved his brother, Noah, to a safe spot on the floor next to him.  I took immediate action and started to fill the sink with water and ran upstairs to get a towel and a change of clothes.  When I came back to Gabe he had somehow got poo head to toe.  Literally there were streaks of poo across his face like he was getting ready to go to war.  I was horrified.  He had somehow got poo on his brother and his favorite rattle.  I quickly scooped him up and put him in a bath.  Crisis averted, right?  Afterward I laid Gabe on the floor next to his brother to get him dressed, but I still smelled poo.  I look everywhere to find the source and then looked at sweet baby Noah lying there.  Surely he didn’t.  OH, HE DID! He too had poo running down him. So, the blow outs that other mothers talk about I experienced it twice on Friday.  It’s definitely a conspiracy that they save all their poo for when their daddy is at work!