I am writing this entry with heavy eyelids.  All new mothers know the anguish of not sleeping enough, so I am not trying to boo hoo about it, but rather just vent I suppose.  After making it 35 weeks with my boys I thought I would have been able to finally shake off the insomnia. HAAAAA! I expected to lose sleep to crying, hungry babies.  To me, that was to be expected.  That however is not my issue.  My babies have had a few rough patches here and there but overall they are not the reason I do no sleep.  Even early on in my pregnancy I had insomnia.  My doctor recommended that I try Tylenol P.M.  I took that a couple of times during my pregnancy, but I just woke up more groggy than rested so I gave up on that endeavor.  Towards the end of my pregnancy I was just too huge to move, of course I could not sleep.  I was looking forward to being smaller and finally being able to get comfy in bed even if I was up every three hours feeding babies.  Yeah, right.  I am six months postpartum and I still cannot get to sleep.  Not because of the babies.  Don’t get me wrong I hear them make little noises on the baby monitor during the night.  But do yo want to know why I hear them? Because I’m already up laying awake.

These are the things they do not warn you about as a new mother.  They should really put warning label on you even after you deliver…WARNING:  STILL MAY SUFFER FROM INSOMNIA, DO NOT OPERATE HEAVY MACHINERY!  I am not sure if it is from hormones or not but I am pretty sure that is the culpert.  I was so excited to not have my big old baby belly so I could go back to laying on my tummy while I slept.  I was always a tummy sleeper and missed it greatly while I was pregnant.  It never dawned on me at the time that because I’m still pumping for the bubs that my breasts would make it feel like sleeping on grenades ready to go off.  Every night I fall asleep on my side and wake up on my tummy in pain.  I also, sleep so lightly that everything wakes me up, and it’s usually not the babies.

I hope another woman out there shares my pain in this.  It’s my husband. I’ve yelled at him many a times for drinking a bunch of water before bed.  It never fails that as soon as I fall asleep I can hear him get out of bed to go to the bathroom.  He sounds like a mini pony tromping around the bedroom.  And of course he has to turn on the light in the bathroom and let the toilet lid hit toilet.  And then even though none of the furniture has moved in the bedroom and you would think that he would be able to navigate the room by now, nope he has to hit the nightstand or the bed.  Then you hear him curse in pain.  Now, I’m not that mean of a wife. Fine if he has to go to the bathroom I rather him do that than the alternative and wake up in a puddle.  That’s not what chaps my ass.  This is what chaps my ass.  I finally fall back asleep after waking up from his long journey to and from the bathroom when I hear the rumble of a hibernating bear.  Oh no, that’s not a bear its him snoring.  I’m so glad that someone can sleep.  But before anyone reports me for an episode of Snapped, I promise I have not hurt him.

I’m sure my blog is garbled much like my sleep patterns have been!  But maybe there is a mom out there that will read this at 3:00 a.m. while she is tossing and turning in bed or staring at her peacefully sleeping husband and will be like, “I feel you sister!”