This blog post is more just venting as it was a ROUGH weekend and this morning was no better.  I like to call every thing that my babies do that I don’t like a phase.  So, if I say this phase they are going through it’s because by the grace of God I sincerely hope that it is in fact just that, a phase!  This weekend was filled with things that I hope are phases.  For the last almost two weeks the babies have been getting up anywhere between 4:30 a.m. and 5:15.  They go to bed anywhere between 7:00 and 7:30 p.m.  When most people read that they may think that is pretty good.  Compared to some things I read online that is pretty darned good.  However, they were sleeping from like 6:45 p.m. to 6:30 a.m.  I developed into a routine of waking up at 5:45, showering and then pumping.  Do you know how much easier it is to pump before screaming babies wake up? MUCH!  So, this is why I don’t approve of their new wake up time.  You think I’m going to get up at 3:45 to prepare for the day? NO!! At the babies’ six month visit with the pediatrician she told us to move their bedtime back because they are getting too much day time sleep.  They usually nap from 9:00 to 11:oo, varied depending on what time they wake up of course, then from 1:00 to 3:00 and then a catnap around 4:45.  I have found that they cannot be up for more than 2 hours and 15 minutes before having baby meltdowns.  By 6:00 they are epic, screaming, overtired nightmares.  I am not quite sure how I can adjust their bedtime back anymore than I already have.  I am at a loss of how to resolve this issue.  So, I have come to the determination that this early wake up debacle is just a phase and they will get over it soon. I should have clarified that it is just Gabriel waking up and then eventually he will fuss enough to wake up Noah.  A couple of weeks ago it was just a reverse.  That is why I am hoping it’s just a phase.  UGGGHHHHH.

That is not really what I wanted this post to be able.  My real fuss about this weekend is how the most simplest things in life are now damn near impossible.  It’s hard to cope with that.  It’s even harder that the people closest in your life don’t understand.  This weekend Kyle and I had an appointment at noon on Sunday to have our taxes done.  We had already dropped off our various papers and the woman who does our taxes already had them done.  We were just going in to sign off on the paperwork and she told us it would only take a half an hour.  Easy as pie, right?  We got there and the babies were good at first.  The tax lady was explaining our refund or lack there of and then the meltdowns started.  We were both there so at least I wasn’t outnumbered although sometimes it still feels like that.  It started with Noah.  He started screaming.  When he screams it makes the fillings in my teeth hurt.  And he is relentless.  Nothing I did was calming him.  Then Gabriel joined in on the screaming.  We tried for a couple of minutes to calm them and they just started getting louder and louder.  I am not sure about other mothers but when the babies cry my body has a physiological response.  I start to sweat.  And when I say sweat, I mean really sweat.  Then I start to shake.  Not like I am going to lose my shit shake but it just makes me jittery.  I looked at Kyle in the middle of the tax place and I said I cannot do this.  I grabbed the babies and I told him I would be outside and come get me when you need me.  I probably looked like a madwoman.  I had both babies in their car seats (mind you the carseats weight like 7lbs a piece and the babies are about 20lbs now) and I grabbed both of them and ran out of the building.  I probably looked like an embarrassed hulk manhandling these car seats.  I took the babies to the parking lot pulled out their stroller from the back and walked around the parking lot of the strip mall where the tax place was and frantically ran around.  At one point I looked up and two women were outside the tanning place that was next door smoking, they were just staring at me.  I didn’t give a shit.  I just continued to push around the stroller like a woman on a mission. I looked down and both babies were on the brink of sleep.  So, I pushed the stroller through the tax place and finished my half of the paperwork.  Before babies this task would have been no big deal.  Going to get our taxes down to determine how much the IRS screwed us would be no big deal.  Now it’s an ordeal.  So, frustrating.  Some people have help, someone to watch the baby when you do things like this.  That’s fine that we don’t all the time, however, it just makes the most menial things that much harder.

Like I said early the baby meltdowns start with screaming.  It’s not just a scream it’s a shriek. A shriek like I have never heard from a human creature before.  It’s awful.  Noah has done it off and on for a while.  Gabriel is usually my laid back baby.  He is usually much quieter and more pensive.  Not lately.  He has found his voice and it is just lovely. NOT.  Now they take turns.  They take turns screaming so loud that I swear it could shatter a glass.  It is no joke that my fillings in my mouth literally ache when they scream.  That’s not natural.  I will call this screaming a phase.  It shall pass. I hope.  I hope it passes.

I love feeding my babies, especially since we have started solids.  They love veggies so far.  I love when you feed them a bite they make the cutest yummy sounds and smile.  You can tell they are enjoying every bite.  Even this turned into a nightmare this weekend.  Now they take a bite and spit it all over the place.  Somehow, Gabe spit while the spoon was up to his face and it ended up all over the top of his head.  The top of his head.  That is ridicuousness.  Noah for some reason wants to lay his head down on the tray of the high chair.  He thinks it’s cute to take a bite and lay his head down and smear whatever was in his mouth all over the tray.

Is there a thing as terrible 6 month olds? If I drank I would be cheering to, here’s to hoping that the early wake-ups, the screaming and the spitting are all just stages.  CHEERS.

P.S. If someone has suggestions for sleep help, feel free. All suggestions open!