I was so that new mom yesterday.  On Monday Noah was screaming from the moment he got up until he went to bed with little reprieve inbetween. By the end of the day I was visibily shaken.  He has always been a pretty vocal baby but this was a whole new low (or high, as in high pitch).  At first I thought that his screams were just “talking”, maybe he woke up and had found his voice overnight.  As the hours of the day dragged on I began to question everything.  Is this a phase? Is he in pain? Is he cutting a tooth? Does he have a fever? Does he have a hair wrapped around an appendage? Is he losing it? Am I losing it?  His screaming carried over to Gabriel.  Noah would scream so loud and Gabriel would scream in what seemed to be in response.  The nice thing about babies is when you put them to bed you know the next day is a clean slate.  Or at least that is how I look at it.  So, Monday I put him to bed and hoped for a better day on Tuesday.  When he woke up yesterday it was in hysterics.  He shattered that hope with one very high pitch scream after another.  At this point I was really starting to question if something was wrong.  Kyle had the day off so we decided we were going to take a trip to Costco.  Noah screamed the whole way in the car.  This was unusual, usually he is happy as can be in the car.  I had come to the realization that something had to be wrong.  Not that I wanted something to be wrong but some this wasn’t my baby.

So, we called the doctor’s office and spoke to the nurse to see if she had any advice.  She asked the typical questions.  Did he have a a fever? Did he have any falls? Is he eating and wetting diapers?  The only other odd thing were a few lose stools yesterday morning.  During the phone call Noah was yelling pretty relentlessly in the background.  Enough for the nurse to comment on it.  She said that she would have to talk to the doctor and she would call us back . We went ahead and went into to Costco.  I like to buy a our baby wipes there.  It’s quite a deal, a giant box of Huggies wipes for $24.00 regular price and alot of times you can find them on sale.  I like those wipes because I haven’t had any gross seapage through the wipe he like other brands.  But anyhow he was a good boy in the store.  While there the nurse called us back and said he was a little concerned about the screaming and the doctor would like to see him.  She had an appointment open in a couple hours, so we decided to take that spot.  As soon as we got outside he started his antics again.  We killed some time and went to the doctor to have him checked out.

The second we walked into the waiting room Noah was on a 10.  Screaming his little head off.  I don’t know about other moms but when my babies cry or scream I have a physiolocal response.  I started sweating instantly and I am not always the greatest at calming him in public.  Luckily Kyle was there as scooped him up.  Then this happened…

doc bub.jpg

Happy Noah appeared, laughing and smiling.  I realized that I was that mom.  That mom that had a crazy baby and freaked out.  I instantly felt like an ass.  Here I am taking the doctor’s precious time to see my baby just because I couldn’t handle his behavior that day.  I wanted to run out of the office but we were there and what if something was wrong? Right? So, we saw the doctor.  She went through all the questions we had answered on the phone and did a physical exam.  He started screaming while we were back being seen.  She asked is that why you are here?  We said yes.  She kind of smiled but was still sweet as can be.  She pretty much told us he was being vocal.  He was high pitch but it was his way of communicating.  I told her I rather be ridiculous and make sure that he was okay than not come and have something seriously wrong.  I think that was my way of justifying it.  But it sincerely really is true.  I rather waste $25.00 on a copay and make sure that he was screaming to just be loud baby Noah than to have something seriously wrong with him that might not be visible to me.  In a way though I was hoping he was getting ready  to cut a tooth and that would explain his screaming and also his waking up earlier and earlier everyday.  But in all actuality it was just be being that new mom.

I am sure most new moms have had that moment, right?!