When I found out I was pregnant I kept thinking of all the wonderful things we could buy for the babies.  Then came my first trip to Babies R’ Us.  I was in my first trimester and panicked about being pregnant with twins, and I did have a panic attack in the store (and same thing happened on my second trip but that’s beside the point) but between the hyperventilating I did manage to look at the prices.  Do you know how expensive baby stuff is? Now quantify that by two! Two of everything.  Two of the most expensive items like cribs.  With these being my first babies I wanted all new everything.  That quickly dissipated when I found out how truly expensive everything was.  No need going out and buying crazy expensive stuff when they outgrow everything so quickly.  There were a few things that I bought new or that was wonderfully gifted at my baby shower.

During my second trimester I scouted the local yard sale sites and garage sales for deals on swings.  I found a Graco swing with a tray that swings back and forth.  My other Graco swing, that swayed from side to side, I acquired from my baby shower. My swings were easily the biggest sanity saver I had in the beginning, but I stopped using them about a month ago.  My babies loved them and I let them nap in there.  However, as they grew older they needed longer naps and I was sick of tiptoeing around my living room.  They now take naps in their cribs.  Do I regret having the swings? Not even for a second.  However, I only used them for roughly 5 months.  So, I would say if you could find them somewhere and get them for half the price it is definitely worth it.

During the spring time last year going to garage sales I looked for various baby toys as well.  I found a play mat, Fischer Price Kick and Play Mat, it was barely used and the woman was selling it for $3.00.  That was literally a steal.  I think it was missing a hangy toy but those can easily be changed out.  I also found a good deal on two bouncers, a Ingenuity Bouncer for $10.00 and a Fisher Price Bouncer for $7.00.  My boys like them when they were really little.  They liked the vibration option on the Ingenuity bouncer.  I was glad to have them as an option.  I have seen many feeding hacks to feed them in the bouncers.  I tried and it was an epic fail but in the beginning I was perpetually scared that I was going to break a baby.  I got two Bumbo seats and trays at my baby shower, however, this is one item that I saw tons and tons of at yard sales and on yard sale sites.  I like my bumbo seats, but they are not my favorite.  My boys try to throw themselves out of the back when they are tired of sitting there so I always make sure they are strapped in . But I do like to put toys on the tray and they are able to play easier than they do in their high chairs.  Currently my boys are loving some of the bigger boy toys like:  Fisher Price Jumperoo, Oball Activity Center (like an exersaucer), and Safety-First Walker.  We bought the Oball center and walker brand new but they are definitely something you can look our for.

I received tons and tons of clothes at my baby shower, but this is another thing that you can scout for at yards sales, etc.  There was a big community yard sale in the fall around where I live called Baby Mania.  I got a lot of their winter clothes there and most of the items were only a $1.00.  I tried shopping at Once Upon a Child, a resale shop but sometimes it really isn’t a deal.  I know alot of friends that have found a large quantity of clothes from the yard sale sites as well.  I have a big box of clothes preemie through six months that I need to sell on there now.  I will sell for a reasonable price and it’s a good way to help someone out.

When you are having twins there is another good thing to look our for twin deals and freebies.  When my twins arrived I wrote and called many places to get free coupons.  I took them straight from this site:


It was so worth to take the time to do.  I just used their sample letter and had copies of their birth announcement from the hospital and mailed them in.  The places that you can call didn’t need documentation of your twins birth but the ones that you mail in the letters usually do.  I got tons and tons of great coupons.  I got free diaper coupons from Huggies, Pampers and Luvs.  I have seen blogs from other new moms that got deals from Similac or Enfamil.  I tried but they told me to go through my doctor’s office.  I did sign up for rewards so I get checks in the mail from Enfamil, but I think they could do better.  Formula is expensive and I think they could accommodate new moms by at least sending more samples.  I did get a cooler in the mail from Enfamil and I use that quite often when I have to take bottles on the go. One of my favorite freebies I received was from The First Years company.  They sent two sets of throw and go sippy cups and two super cute toys.  I was surprised to see so many companies offer coupons and how fast they arrived.  It was definitely worth taking the time.  The coupons I received for baby food I went ahead and bought the items before the coupons expired and the food was still good by the time I used it.

Also, try to download store apps.  I use Target’s Cartwheel a lot.  They have really good sales already on baby diapers and baby products.  I always buy my diapers from there because they usually offer a $10.00 or $20.00 gift card when you buy two cases and then on top of that they have coupons on the Cartwheel app.  I have also earned enough points to get free items.  I usually use my points to get free laundry detergent.  My boys have eczema so I use Dreft detergent and I have gotten that free twice.  My local grocery store also has an app and that often has buy so many baby foods get one or more free.  It only takes a minute to download and go through before going grocery shopping.  Since I am staying home and not working every dollar saved is a victory in my book.

I have also looked for ways to save money when it comes to making our own baby toys.  My boys love playing on their play mats but they also like being next to each other but are getting a little big for that.  I wanted a play bar that could go on the floor so they could both lay underneath of it, but they are expensive and not long enough.  I told my husband what I wanted and he said oh I can build that.  He surprised me yesterday with it.  It is AWESOME. He does HVAC and came up with idea to build it out of gas pipe.  It is long enough for both boys to fit underneath of it and they had some many extra toys that can hang.  Rather than buy the expensive toy rings from the store I used shower rings.  I do not consider myself a hoarder but when we switched shower curtains last time I kept the rings thinking I could possibly use them for something.  Low and behold I could!


Of course there is obvious ways to save money too, like buying in bulk.  Shopping places like Costco and Sam’s for wipes, diapers and formula can help tremendously.  However, this weekend I was pricing out diaper deals I saw for the first time Amazon’s subscription price for diapers and if you are a Prime member they offer an additional 20% off.  So, a 208 pack of Pampers Baby Dry diapers was $35.00.  I’m not quite sure if it gets a whole lot cheaper than that.  But do your research you are sure to find deals and coupons.