I had other things on my mind that I wanted to write about this morning, but this one really stuck out to me and I felt compelled to share.  The power of good customer service really impacts future buying habits.  I have bad luck when it comes to products.  At the current moment I have many things in my house that need repair so when I have a positive outcome to a shitty situation I would like to share it.  Last year we had a house fire and we had a “reputable” restoration company come in and repair the smoke and water damage.  They caused more of a headache than anything.  They treated us like second-rate citizens because as we were told by a contractor insurance was paying and we were not “paying” customers.  They had to come in and redo their work two times because they left the floor, walls, and drywall in disarray.  Currently after a second run through of redoing the floor we have nails/stables that they didn’t remove from the subfloor, splitting the floor and protruding from many places.  It is so unfortunate that we will have to have all of our floor redone out of our pockets.  I think this is why when a company is willing to repair their faulty products I have a lot of respect for them.  Also, we all know how much the baby industry costs, so when a product does not last it can be very frustrating.   I don’t have the money to go out and re-buy all new products.  You expect them to last.

We first bought Vtech monitors that looked like owls, like the link attached but there were two cameras from Babies R’ Us.  They were on clearance and a really good deal.  However, I soon found out why they were on clearance and quickly learned cheaper isn’t always better.  Our house is fairly small and the boys’ bedroom is maybe 10 feet a two walls in between our room.  The monitor wouldn’t pick up the frequency from the monitor to the cameras.  It was frustrating and our babies were new.  I panicked the first night we brought them home and I could not see them laying on in their cribs (that’s right don’t judge I didn’t co-sleep).  So, we went out the next day and exchanged the monitors.  We got home re-hooked the cameras and still the same problem.  So, we went out the next day again and bought the Summer dual view system.  I absolutely love this monitor.  I can view both babies at the same time and have not had any issues. I can zoom in on the babies, talk to them through the monitor and it tells me the temperature of their room.  Last night I got up to pump at midnight and checked the monitor (like I always do) and there was a line through the monitor.


I don’t know why I was compelled to wake up my husband in the middle of the night to tell him the monitor was going out but I did.  Apparently he emailed the company at 5:30 in the morning and he told me he got a response by 7:00 a.m. that a new system would come via Fedex in 7-10 business days.  Some many complain that it would take 7-10 days to get a new one, but I appreciate their prompt customer service rectifying this problem.  I can’t wait to get the new monitor.

Another product that we didn’t have the best luck was with some of the Dr. Brown’s products.  Let me preface this by saying I LOVE Dr. Brown’s bottles.  They really helped minimize the babies’ gas.  When I first bought this system I bought the wide neck version of the bottles.  We had already switched from the Munchkin Latch system.  It was already frustrating switching systems once (the babies just didn’t take to the Latch bottles and they were preemies so I just wanted to make sure they were eating.  So, someone had bought us the Dr. Brown’s gift set and they loved them so we had went out and bought several packs of the wide neck version of the Dr. Brown’s because they were most like the Latch, but they hated them.  So, I wrote Dr. Brown’s in desperation because the babies loved the regular Dr. Brown’s bottles but not the wide neck.  They emailed me back right away and told me they would switch out the wide neck bottles for their regular bottles and sent them out right away.  I just thought that was no nice.  I couldn’t afford to go out and buy a third system and it wasn’t their fault but they still helped me resolve my problem.  We had also been using the Munchkin Latch bottle warmer even with the Dr. Brown’s bottles.  I really like the bottle warmer but it started to go out a couple of weeks ago.  Which I don’t blame the product, it’s been working double duty for the last six months.  I express all my milk so I have to warm up two bottles at every feeding.  However, since we have Dr. Brown’s bottles I purchased their bottle warmer.  Within two days it was leaking all over our kitchen counters.  It was frustrating but I wrote Amazon and told them that I was scared this was a fire hazard and they over-nighted us the new warmer.  Once again I just thought that was superior customer service and I greatly appreciate that.  Being on a tight budget I can’t go out and fork out money for faulty products.  As you can see I don’t always have the best luck but really appreciate when I deal with good customer service.

Also, I would like to note that it is worth contacting manufacturer rather than just giving up.  I think it is also important to politely express issues that you have with their products in case something is seriously wrong they have that feedback for future prototypes.