As a new mom I am constantly concerned if I am doing the “right” things to help boost my babies’ development.  Am I providing enough stimulus? Too much stimulus? Are the toys promoting all the right sensory and development?  Here are some toys in this moment of time (the bubs are 7 months old) that my babies enjoy.  I would love feedback or suggestions on what other toys mommies out there love!

  1. This Leap Frog Drum has helped teach my babies to sit up and I cannot rave how much I love it.  When I went to my babies’ six month appointment the pediatrician asked if my babies were tripod sitting yet.  I said they had been but now just throw themselves backwards and they don’t want any part of it.  She was concerned and said that if they don’t sit up soon she wanted them to go to physical therapy.  I was frustrated because they were sitting up.  So, I sat them up and put the drum between their little legs and they held onto the handle and it gave them the motivation to want to sit up.  Gabriel also has a hitting problem.  So, I tried re-directing him to the drum and he started to hit that and since his problem seemed to ease up quite a bit.
  2. Vtech Activity Cube may be a little advanced for my 7 month old bubs but I love it because it lights up and is another toy that helps them sit up.  They love to sit up and hit the buttons and play with the letter cubes.  It will be a toy that can grow with them and eventually help teach them colors, shapes, alphabet and sorting.  But for now it really does hold their interest.
  3. Sophie the Giraffe.  At first I was against getting this teething toy, I thought it was an overpriced piece of rubber (and it may still be but it works).  I thought they had enough toys to chew on.  This may not boost development but I cannot rave about this product enough.  It really is the best teething toy that the boys have.  They love chewing on it and it keeps them occupied for quite a while.
  4. This Baby Einstein music box has been a life saver.  I use this in the moments that the babies are on the verge of a meltdown, especially in places like the doctor because it’s small and portable.  The six or so songs that it plays are classical and I even find them soothing.  I find them to be tolerable compared to other comparable toys and the flashing lights draw the babies in and really seems to relax them.
  5. This little Baby Einstein Piano is one of my favorites.  It really taught the bubs cause and effect.  It has different settings: numbers, animal sounds, different languages and musical instruments.  I first gave it to Gabriel when he was sitting in his high chair while I tried to do the dishes.  The next thing I know he was hitting all the buttons and the look on his face was priceless.  He kind of looked like, “hey, I just did that.”  He just kept hitting the number 3 then 4 and it kept him occupied for about 15 minutes.  He loves this toy.  Also, as they have gotten a little bigger they know sit up with this on the floor and hit the buttons.
  6. Fisher Price Poppity-Pop Dinosaur is kind of obnoxious but I really enjoy playing with the bubs with this toy.  It plays music and pops the balls up and come out the dinosaur mouth.  The babies are able to grab ahold of the sides and watch the balls.  Just yesterday they started to pick up the balls and drop them in.  As a new mom, I always think all the new things they do are amazing so of course I was swooning over them for being so smart.
  7. These simple toys are by bubs’ absolute favorite, Fisher Price Rattle.  It keeps them occupied for a long time.  I appreciate that one of the sides is plush, because they were always smashing themselves in the face with one side of their other rattles.  It also helped them learn to pass toys back and forth between hands when they were smaller and they still love these darn rattles.  Something so simple could keep them occupied for so long!
  8. This toy drives my husband absolutely crazy, the Fisher Price Tummy Time Snail.  For a long time my bubs HATED tummy time with a passion and now I cannot keep one little bub from rolling over CONSTANTLY.  This toy helped occupy them while on their little tummies.  It lights up and plays music, but most importantly it has a mirror on it.  And even though I have two babies that could just look at each other if they wanted to look in the mirror, they love looking at themselves.  So vain 🙂
  9. The bubs love touch and feel books . They even flip the pages themselves or at least try to.  I’ve been reading to them since they were probably falling asleep before a books end but I like these because they can partake although I wish there was more to read on the pages.
  10. The Oball rattles are one of their favorites, but looks like those have been recalled! Eekkk
  11. I have the Fisher Price stacking rings and Fisher Price first blocks but they have just started to sit up in the last three weeks so they aren’t terribly interested in these right away.  One of their favorite things to play with is actually a set of measuring cups while they are in their high chairs after eating.  Although they haven’t mastered the stacking yet.

Not that I want to spend tons and tons on toys that the babies will outgrow super quickly, I want to help aide them in learning and developing.  These are our favorite toys at this moment in time.  Do you have any great suggestions?