Just a few things running through my head this morning…

I joined a multiples group on Facebook and I saw a woman make a post, she seemed to be at her wit’s end. She asked if anyone has anyone imagined putting a gun to their head. I think every new mom could relate being very frustrated, especially those with multiples! But for some reason, I thought about that woman many times through the night. I’ve been to the point where I’ve been crying on the floor with my boys. In the beginning I had fleeting thoughts that I wouldn’t be a good mom and they would be better off if I just drove into the sunset. That was in the beginning and I for sure going through some baby blues. I still have my rough days but I always try to verbalize it. I thought the woman who was posting that was strong for putting herself out there like that.  Maybe she was looking for help but maybe that was her last straw.  Either way I hope that she is okay.

I think it’s important for new moms to be able to talk opening about their feelings, to not be embarrassed about what they are feeling and to not be shamed for it.  In my journey I have had a roller coaster of emotions.  Some days are great and others not so much.  It comes in waves.  Sometimes its hard for the bad days to stick out more than the good ones.  Which is unfortunate.  I also know what it is like to not have a break for months on end.  I lost a brother two Christmases ago to suicide.  He left behind a young daughter. Maybe that is why the woman’s comment haunted me so.  I hope for her sake and the sake of her family that she is able to get help in whatever form she needs it.  I don’t have many people read my blog posts but if anyone out there is struggling, I would be more than happy to listen.  Even if the listening is just through a keyboard, sometimes just having someone out there is enough.  Kind of solemn for a Friday thought but then again just trying to shine some hope on a tough subject.

On another note I am glad it is Friday! I will be enjoying some bipolar weather.  Yesterday was 76 degrees, sunny in the morning and storming by the evening.  Today it is in the 30’s and calling for snow tomorrow.  Mother nature is obviously having a manic episode!

I hope that everyone enjoys their weekends!