Earlier this week I made this whiny rant about being tired.  Not tired because my precious bubs aren’t sleeping through the night, although they are still getting up before the roosters crow, but because I have insomnia.  At first I thought that there was something wrong with me in the sense that something unusual going on.  However, I did something I probably should stay away from and I googled postpartum insomnia.  Did you know this is a real thing?

I stumbled upon this article from the Baby Sleep Site:


They say that postpartum insomnia can be linked to postpartum depression and I definitely have my highs and lows to my days but I am not really asymptomatic of postpartum depression.  Although I definitely and clearly have some kind of insomnia going on and it feels good to know that it is a real thing.  I have trouble falling asleep but more than anything I have trouble staying asleep.  Every little thing wakes me up.  If I hear a baby I might as well forget about it.  It’s not even that they cry in the middle of the night but if I hear them cough or shift in their cribs over the baby monitor I will lay there for hours fixated on it.  And even after they go to sleep I will think that I hear them.  That phenomena is mentioned on the article as well.  In the depths of the night I would lay there and think I must be losing my mind.Its soemthing I have struggled with since the babies and I often scoff at people who say sleep when the babies sleep.  It’s so much easier said than done for me.

I also ordered some Nighty Night Tea from Amazon.  It’s supposed to be arriving today and I will try adding that to my bedtime routine.  I will update and see how that goes.  I am pretty excited about it (that’s how lame I am).

I have also tried doing some deep breathing techniques.  I can feel myself stressing about being awake and not being able to sleep that my whole body tenses up.  So, I am trying to loosen up.

Does anyone have experience with postpartum insomnia?

Oh and happy Friday everyone!