I was proposed with a hypothetical proposition yesterday and it really has me thinking.  I would love others perspective on it.

As mentioned in a previous blog (Pump it up) I exclusively pump for my bubs.  I have from the day they were born and 7 months and 3 weeks later I am still going strong.  I pump seven times a day including one in the middle of the night pump (because it yields my second highest pump of the day).  I pump for a total of 2 hours and 20ish minutes a day.  That is 16.33 hours a week.  Almost a full day of pumping a week.  I have been considering dropping a pump because one of them runs closer to two others and I am getting quite a stock on milk.  At any given time I have approximately 118 ounces of milk in the fridge and a couple dozen bags in the freezer.  However, I am terrified to drop a pump.  Who knows what it will do to my regulated supply.

I have a nurse that comes to my house to check on the babies once a month or so.  I asked her about dropping a pump.  She told me that it’s really up in the air because like I said who knows how my body will react.  She came to the same conclusion I did:  you don’t know until you try.  However, the pump that I want to drop I already bumped down to 15 minutes instead of 20 minutes and I think I am going to drop it until 10 minutes for a week before dropping it altogether.  I have gone this long no sense in dropping cold turkey and taking the full risk, right?

The nurse inquired how long will I pump for?  At this point I have gone 8 months being milked like cattle so I’ve always had in my mind I would be shooting for a year.  It’s only 4 more months.  I am in the home stretch.  She asked me why I keep pumping.  She didn’t ask me in a judgmental way like most people do.  Because most people don’t get it.  I told her quite frankly we cannot afford formula.  We have gone down to one income but make too much for assistance and I have a free solution.  She then hit me with this hypothetical (kind of) proposition…

She asked if a pallet of formula showed up on my doorstep would I stop?  I thought about it probably for a whole minute before giving an answer.  Of course I will relish the day that I can take a bat to my pump.  On the other hand, I love the fact that I have been able to give my babies milk as the majority of their diet.  They get 4 milk bottles a day and one formula bottle (just so I don’t stress myself out about my supply–seems weird I know).  However, what could I accomplish with those extra 16 hours a week back.  I could focus on making their foods.  At this point about once a week I make a batch of homemade baby food and the rest is store bought.  It would be so much cheaper if I could do it on a regular basis and probably better for the babies as well.  But lets face it, there just isn’t enough hours in the day.  After thinking about my answer, I told her I would probably give up pumping if I had enough formula to last them until they were weaned.  Why not?

She then told me that there may be a chance that she could get that much formula for me.  Holy crap, this could be a possibility?  But I couldn’t sleep last night for whatever reasons and I thought harder about this.  I can produce milk and I do.  Would it make my life easier if I could stop pumping? YES. Without a doubt, yes.  But someone out there might not be able to and could be in a worse financial state and need that formula.

I’m not going to stress about a potential scenario.

But I am curious, what would you do?