TGIF! I haven’t felt this much excitement about a Friday since I was actually working.  I am so ready to have my husband home and not be outnumbered after the week I have had.  I have definitely had a rough, emotional week.  Yesterday, was probably the worst day I’ve had in a long time (and I know I said that Monday).  Noah was absolutely inconsolable.   I tried everything in the book to soothe him but it just wasn’t happening.  Finally I gave up and put him down for an extra long nap.  He spent the evening in hysterics still.  I think he is going through teething and a huge developmental leap (as he has been jabbering in his sleep).  But last night I slept a good 5.5 hours uninterrupted and it felt fabulous.  Even though I woke up to the babies jabbering at 4:00 a.m., they went back to sleep quickly and woke up to start the day at 5:30.  I will take it.  I feel a little wind in my sails this morning and after being so dismal this week would like to share a few happy moments:

  1. After a week of wails, Noah spent the morning giggling.  Oh, there is nothing that fills my heart more than hearing baby laughs.  And my babies laugh with their whole being.
  2. My husband got the babies up while I pumped.  Gabe had rolled himself over in his crib and was in hysterics by the time the husband got to him.  He couldn’t get him to calm down.  From the couch where I was pumping, I started to sing so they could hear it upstairs and Gabe instantly calmed down.   Some days I feel like I fail at this baby thing, knowing that I can comfort my babies makes me feel so good.
  3. Noah has really, really been starting to jabber and talk.  Clear as day he has said, Mama and Mom.  This makes my husband very sad given that the doctor and other people have said a baby is sure to say “dada” first.  But Noah just keeps saying “mama”.  I secretly love every freaking second of it.  He also said “uh oh” yesterday.  It was too funny!
  4. They have also within the last few days figured out that they can roll to get places.  I have set them down and they have ended up across the room.  Of course, this means we will have to spend some time this weekend baby proofing that we have been procrastinating on but that is okay.  Seeing them develop and learn makes me so proud.

I wanted to make this post while my optimism is still running high as the babies are down for their first nap in case it gets crushed with continued angry babies.  However, I am sincerely hoping that isn’t the case for today.

I do want to share this random tid bit though:

I made an entry yesterday about how I found getting out and walking really helps my mood.  Well…

Yesterday was a shit show.  Noah was crying so hard and nothing I could do was calming him.  The forecast yesterday was rain but it rained and then the skies opened and it was beautiful and sunny.  So, I thought perfect I will go for my walk now.  I started to load the screaming banshees into the stroller when my neighbor shouted if you are going for a walk you might want to rethink it.  He said that it was storming 10 miles away.  I thanked him and said maybe I will just go around the block because I am at my wit’s end.

My plan was to go around the block.  But as I turned the corner a big dog was standing in the middle of the road.  I was a dog trainer for around 3 years.  I know how to handle most dogs but have never had to do it with a stroller and a random dog that I don’t know its temperament.  So I turned and went a slightly longer hillier way.  I got to the top of the hill from where my house is a ways down.  All of a sudden it started sprinkling.  I started to walk faster but it was too late.  Down came the torrential downpour.  I am not a runner.  Never have been and probably never will be.  But I ran all the way home.  We were all soaked and it was a cold rain.  Go figure, after making that blog yesterday something like that would happen.  I have not mastered carrying both babies in the house at the same time.  I felt so bad that I took Noah first as he is always in the front of the stroller and when I came out to get Gabe he was soaking wet but he was hysterically laughing when I pulled him out.  He was loving it!

I had to share that randomness with you all.

I hope that everyone has a great weekend!