After a fairly rough week last week, I think I am in the right frame of mind again.  I think I have seen a correlation with my overwhelming feelings.  About a week before Aunt Flo visits I can’t deal with anything.  I am on edge, emotional and just well plain overwhelmed.  I had an appointment yesterday with my OB, but that had to be cancelled because of dear Aunt Flo.  I have rescheduled before the end of the month, as I have to wait for my husband to take over baby duty.  So, I will be excited to address these issues.  As it really isn’t normal.  Doesn’t really seem like a postpartum thing, but some kind of hormonal imbalance.  So, we shall see and I will keep you updated (I’m sure you’re in suspense).

For today though I just wanted to share how wonderful my husband is.  He has been supportive from the moment we found out I was pregnant.  He never judged my weight gain, my over emotional ass, or how crabby I am when I’ve laid awake all night.  While I was pregnant and so fat that I couldn’t reach my feet, he even painted my nails and continually helped me put my shoes on.  Even though, I am 8 months postpartum and have lost the baby weight, my body doesn’t look the same.  I have stretch marks and loose skin.  It’s hard for me to look at myself in the mirror.  The majority of the days I no longer wear make-up.  Prior to the babies I never left the house without make-up.  I haven’t got a hair cut since last July but it’s on my to-do.  My husband has always made me feel beautiful even on the days where I feel hideous.

The last 8 months since the babies have come have been challenging on our relationship in some ways.  We are more stressed.  We have moved down to one income, I’ve been emotional and overtired and of course just dealing with the stress of two little dictators.  He is always there to talk me off a ledge and to make me smile.  He really truly is amazing.

Yesterday he had to take the day off of work (its cheaper than a babysitter for the most part) so I could go to the rheumatologist.  The fact that I can leave him with the kids I he will respect the babies’ schedule is by itself very important.  I also love the fact that he didn’t say he was babysitting the boys but rather he was parenting.  He was happy to have a “boys day” and that just warms my heart.

I am very excited that my boys will grow up in a house that they will have a strong, hard-working male role model.  I am proud to call this man my husband and I am even more proud that he is the father to my sweet babies.

Also, yesterday we went to go see the Easter bunny so I just have to share this picture.  The bubs were just so cute that I want to squish their little faces.  We couldn’t get a smile but they didn’t cry so that’s always a plus.

Easter bunny

Happy Thursday everyone!