Happy Weekend!  Weekends are my favorite, unfortunately my husband is working so I am flying solo again! Boooo.  But scrolling through some threads I was reading some interesting things women have said boost their milk supply and things that they have said dwindled their supply which I wasn’t aware of.  Here are some things that I use to boost my supply:

  1. I make overnight oatmeal (most of the time).  I ate the oatmeal for about 6 months straight and kind of burnt myself out on it.  I had taken a little hiatus from it but restarted my oatmeal journey this week.  The recipe you ask?  Well it is:  1/2 cup of oats, 1/2 cup of almond milk, a tablespoon of honey, about a heaping tablespoon of peanut butter, sometimes a sprinkle of cinnamon if I am feeling wild and a handful of fresh fruit.  Sometimes I use strawberries but my favorite is blueberries but they have been so darn expensive at the store.  Then I put it in a container and in the fridge overnight.  In the morning I just pop it in the microwave until warmed.  I really do notice an increase when eating oatmeal religiously.
  2. I take a fenugreek supplement, Upspring Milkflow.  I haven’t notice any negative side effects except for the fact that my sweat smells like maple syrup.  I am immune to it but sometimes all of a sudden my husband will say, “I want IHOP.”  It’s so funny (NOT).  I have been taking it for months and have read when you stop your milk drops so I continue it.
  3. I take calcium twice a day.  I bought it at Costco so it’s in a giant container and cost-effective.  I read somewhere in the beginning that it can help and I don’t drink much milk and such so I figured it would be good to take calcium anyways.  Lets face it between being pregnant and pumping the babies deplete your nutrients.  I also take a gummy vitamin.
  4. Water, water and more water.  Prior to getting pregnant I hated drinking water.  Now that is literally all I drink minus my two cups of coffee that I drink in the morning.  If you are a twin parent you will understand why I need that coffee in the morning.  It’s damn exhausting.  Someone gifted me an awesome water bottle when I gave birth . I have found that having a fun water bottle makes it easier to drink it and it also makes me feel more accountable for how much I take in.  I love these Pogo bottles.   I have two and they are really durable.  I try to drink at least 4 full bottles a day (at least).  It is sooooo important to stay hydrated.
  5. Eating.  I was on a strict diet shortly after giving birth.  I was counting all of my calories and I wasn’t losing a darn thing.  Finally I said to myself I am hungry, miserable and not losing anything.  So, I gave up for a bit and ate what I wanted.  Believe it or not the weight started to fall off.  Not saying go crazy and eat just anything.  Now I try to pick healthy food options but indulge occasionally.  But like I said above pumping takes a lot of nutrients out of you so eating is important.

These are the things I have found to boost my supply.  What have you found to boost your supply?