I thought I would share a bit of my weekend because it was a good one.  After a couple rough weeks and finally feeling better after 10 days of antibiotics after my bout of mastitis.  It’s no secret that I love weekends.  After being on solo bub duty all weekend I love having a teammate during the weekend.  I am no longer outnumbered!

Saturday was full of grocery shopping and a trip to Costco, nothing exciting.  However, over the last 10 days I hadn’t really left the house except doctor appointments.  The babies were going through some hellish clingy, separation anxiety, crabby phase (hoping it is a phase that has sailed) so I relished getting out of the house.  Saturday was also the first day in over a week that the babies were smiling and laughing.  I hadn’t heard a baby laugh in over a week that’s how crabby they were.  Just them being happy was enough for me.  I also enjoyed some time with my husband.  Which reminds me our second wedding anniversary is tomorrow.  It feels like so much longer than two years!

Yesterday was a busy day.  We had bought a swing set a couple of weeks ago and my husband spent the whole day putting it up.  Literally the whole day.  I am so lucky to have a handy husband that can do things like that.  I think I will keep him around 🙂

While he was putting up the swing set I decided to take the boys to Target to get a baby swing for the set and a few odds and end.  Since they are bigger I have been trying to utilize the double carts instead of taking the stroller in and then not having anywhere to put things I want to buy.  So, on a sidenote, I hate the double carts at Target.  The straps were horrible and unsafe and the thing was huge.  It is literally a regular cart with about three feet of plastic on it.  It was obnoxious.

cart bubs

After we got home the bubs got to go outside and watch daddy work hard and they were just too cute for words.  The last few weeks they have really started to notice each other and fight.  They can have 50 toys laying out and they want what the other one wants.  I have many two of the same toys and they will still fight over what each other have.  Well yesterday they decided that they wanted to share.

sharing bubs

Sometimes I am still in awe that I made those two!

By the end of the day, my husband had the swing set up with very minimal help from me because I was on bub duty.  Getting the swingset up means a lot to me.  The babies love being outside so I am ecstatic to have a place to do that.  But also there is a far more selfish reason, growing up I always lived in apartments until I was about 14.  I never had a yard to play in.  Not saying that I am damaged because of that because obviously you still find a place to play.  However, when I bought my house I felt a huge sense of pride in being under 30 and “owning” my home.  I saying owning because obviously the bank owns it for another 28 years but still I am putting equity into something that is OURS!  So, putting up a swing set for my kids to enjoy means a lot to me.

And they already tried it out and loved it!

Swingset bubs

Happy Monday and here’s to a better week!