How was my weekend you ask?

Well I will tell you!  Saturdays are always our day to do errands and the dreaded grocery shopping.  I actually don’t mind grocery shopping all that much.  The bubs are usually pretty good, it’s the people in public that make it hard.  I guess now that I have twins I don’t get what the allure is.  They are cute and they are times two but other than that I don’t get people’s fascination?  Are they twins?  My uncles twice removed was a twin.  Blah blah blah.  I know people don’t mean any harm but it makes it hard to get from place A to place B before babies breakdown.  So, it’s like move on people!

Sunday was the first time that my husband and I have been out alone since the first week of January.  I bought tickets to the Lion King months ago. I was excited and nervous for yesterday.  I was excited for the obvious reasons and nervous it was the first time leaving the babies with a babysitter.  Friday and Saturday nights I did not sleep well.  And by not well I mean hardly at all.  I woke up Sunday in a fog but figured I was just sleepy.  But I felt feverish and had been up half the night not getting comfortable because my right breast hurt.  After my shower and realizing my breast still hurt I wanted to jump off a cliff.  After just getting over my first round of mastitis two weeks ago surely it wasn’t back in the opposite side, right?  I moved on with my day.  I got ready.  And by ready I mean for the first time in months I did my hair, put on make-up and picked out heels.  During my pregnancy my feet grew at least a shoe size.  My doctor warned me my feet might not ever go back to normal.  I was crushed.  I am no fashionista.  Anyone that knows me knows that practicality is my concern not fashion.  However, when I became a paralegal I went on a shopping spree for professional clothes and fell in love with buying heels oddly enough.  I have so many cute pairs its ridiculous.  I was crushed at the idea that they may never fit.  Yesterday I tried on my favorite pair and it was a true Cinderella moment.  Viola, they fit! I felt pretty.  And normal.  It was great.

But after feeding the babies and packing up my pump to get ready to leave once the sitter arrived, I realized I really didn’t feel good.  I took my temp, 100.3.  Are you f***ing kidding me I said.  I told my husband and as usual he thought I was being paranoid.  He said I was getting myself worked up and that’s why I had a fever.  Last I checked I didn’t have magical fever powers.  So, I sat there calm for a few minutes and tried again.  Still the same temperature.  Mind you I had taken ibuprofen about an hour before this.  I told him I didn’t care if he thought I was crazy I knew that feeling in my breast and it felt like the beginnings of mastitis.  I had leftover antibiotics from the first bout, the antibiotics that didn’t work so they had to call me in others.  But I remembered the nurse saying it’s always the first course of treatment.  I had 10 days of a 14 day course.  I called the doctor’s exchange and got a call back fairly soon.  Sure enough she told me to start the antibiotics ASAP and maybe I can catch it before it gets bad again.  I just started to sob a little.  My husband urged us to cancel and I said no dammit we don’t ever get to go out, we are going come hell or high water (which is ironic since we just had massive floods in the area).

So, we proceeded out with our day.  Before going to the play we went out to eat and enjoyed a lunch.  Food sure does taste good when you don’t have to make it!  It was a beautiful day and we got to enjoy our lunch on the patio.  It was nice to sit across from my husband and enjoy some time together.  After we ate we proceeded to the play.  As we got to the theater I noticed no one was outside but didn’t think but about it, then we pulled up to the lots to park and they were all full.  I said this is really strange, are we late?  I thought the play started at 2:00 p.m., it was 1:20.  I pulled out the tickets.  Sure as shit the play started at 1:00.  I had put on the calendar months ago it was at 2:00 and we never checked.  We raced to find parking, there was none.  My husband dropped me off and finally found parking.  When he got to me I looked at him and it hit me he didn’t have any cash on him.  I had the cash.  Luckily, the parking lot owner told my husband to come find him after the play and to pay him afterwards.  We raced into the play, 30 minutes late and made it to our seats.  We had missed my absolute favorite part, the Circle of Life song.  I was absolutely devastated.  My husband had never seen it before, I had seen it twice already.  I felt so bad.  But he was so sweet and kept telling me everything happens for a reason and not to worry.  We enjoyed the rest of the show and they put on a great performance.  This was the only picture I got of us all dressed up.  I was hoping for a better picture but given the circumstances I am lucky I got any!


One of the best things about seeing a play here is the theater.  I absolutely love the Fox Theater.  It is just stunning in my opinion.  Our seats were so high up you can get the whole view 🙂


Is it sad that one of my thoughts that ran through my head was, well if the play is earlier at least we will get home sooner?  Upon arriving home, the babies had survived.  Our sitter was absolutely wonderful.  Seeing the smile on the boys face when we walked in was priceless.  I was happy to enjoy time with my husband, alone, but I was also glad to see my babies when we came home.  It was absolutely wonderful to get out of the house and feel somewhat “normal” again.  We have another outing in the beginning of June.  My husband won tickets on the radio to Metallica.  Not my favorite but at least we get to get out again.  If mastitis hits then I give up on breastfeeding.

After we got home, we decided to go get some ice cream.  So, we get there and while waiting in line Noah spit up all over me. Luckily I had a towel in the car.  Normally, at this point I would throw in the figurative towel and be done with the day.  But I truly decided yesterday to brush off all the negative.  Maybe yesterday everything really did happen for a reason.  It is obvious we were not meant to be at the play on time yesterday.  Who knows, could we have gotten into an accident on the way?  Mugged? Who knows.  We got an afternoon together and got to see the majority of an awesome production.  And got to come home to two awesome babies?  Who could ask for more.

Did anyone have any big plans?

I hope everyone starts the week off right!