One thing that I have found difficult since the arrival of the babies is balancing the relationship of my first babies, my fur babies, with my human babies.  I have two cats one of which is a typical cat who only wants to be touched if she is given food and that of my precious Lola a.k.a. Woo Cat.  Woo cat was used to being number one.  She requires constant affirmation and pets.  She was my sidekick for five years.  When I lived alone my life revolved around her.  And I gladly accepted the title of crazy cat lady.  Then I met my husband and he accepted her as his own. Here we are at Christmas of 2015:

Xmas woo

She is obviously the center of our universe.  I was scared when I found out I was pregnant that her attitude would change.  While I was pregnant nothing really changed but then came the day we brought the babies home.  We left them in their pumpkin seats when we walked trough the door.  I was at the hospital for three days so she was right there at the door greeting us.  She went over and sniffed the babies and obviously didn’t know what to make of them.  Then came the crying.  The cats HATE the crying.  At first she wanted to constantly jump up and try to what seemed to be “helping”.

sheep woo.jpg
This picture is super blurry but here is baby Gabey around a month.  He was crying and Lola came running over and he smiled and stopped.

Then the cries became ear piercing even for me so then and even now she just runs and hides.  However, she seems to be slowly (very slowly) warming up.  I catch her rubbing all over them while they are playing.  Sometimes they try to “pet” her but they don’t understand and they usually get a handful of her.  She doesn’t seem to mind and she has been very tolerant.

Woo No
Here is an early picture of Lola and Baby Noah.  One of the first times she laid by one of the babies.

I try to maintain a balance, but lets face it I don’t even have time for myself sometimes.  But while the babies are napping or at night I sincerely try to make sure that I give the cats, specifically Lola some loving.

How do you balance time for your fur babies?