Happy Monday!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day.  I spent the day taking a step back and letting my husband take over.  It was a nice day.  We got to go to the park and let the bubbies stick their feet in a creek for the first time.  They didn’t know what to make of it.  Now it’s back to reality!

Last night I was cleaning off my dresser (you now putting away the pile of clothes that I threw on top of the dresser instead of actually putting away…oppps) and there I found a little relic.  I bust out laughing when I saw it.  And I realized I cannot believe I haven’t told ya’ll this story yet!  Now if you don’t believe in this kind of thing I am sure you will think I am crazy.

Flash back to October of 2015!

My husband and I were on our kind of honeymoon (I say kind of honeymoon because it was months later and my parents were there).  We went to New Orleans and from there we took a cruise to Mexico.  It was my first time out of the country and we were having a blast.  It was our second excursion day and we were supposed to go to Chichen Itza.  I had ALWAYS wanted to see the ruins and I was beyond excited.  That morning I had laid out the tickets for the excursion and packed my bag to take.  We walked out of our cabin and saw lines.  The boat was delayed for one reason or another.  We probably waited for about an hour to get off the boat.  We were supposed to be going on that excursion with my mother and stepdad.  When we got outside we were supposed to line up with our corresponding excursion leader.  I looked at my husband and I said do you have the tickets.  He said I thought you had them.  I panicked.  We asked to get back on the boat and they told us no.  My mom and stepdad handed us their tickets and said they would figure it out and meet us there.  I felt so bad.  I expected them to just get on the next bus.  To make a long story short they did not make it on the next bus.  I felt like a horrible daughter but they had been insistent about us going.  So, my husband and I boarded the bus for the long ride to Chichen Itza.  I was annoyed at our tour guide for not working with us prior to boarding the bus.  We had paid for the excursion through the ship, they should have just made accommodations so when we got to Chichen Itza we did not stay with the group.  We spent 10 minutes with the group and he basically talked about himself so we disappeared and decided to explore on our own.  We had about 2 hours there so I wanted to make the most of it.

While we were walking around we were stopped by a man with a Mayan calendar.  He said free for you.  I knew there would probably be a catch but I honestly had a fun time bartering in Mexico.  So, he told me the big Mayan calendar was 40 pesos.  I said well that isn’t free.  Then he said that he would throw in a little calendar and a sculpture for free.  So, I said why not.  When he handed us the little sculpture he told me it was a fertility statue.  I told him I didn’t want that one, but he insisted and put it in the bag.  We laughed and took it.  We went along with our tour of Chichen Itza.  It was truly an amazing place to visit.  I am so thankful that my parents had given us their tickets and we got to experience it.

When we got home for our trip I put the little statue on my dresser and didn’t give it much thought.

Fast forward to December of 2015.  I kept telling my husband that I was absolutely exhausted, nauseous and every little smell was bothering me.  I told him I thought I was pregnant.  He thought that I was absolutely nuts.  I bought a pregnancy test and it looked negative but there was a faint line.  I told him I thought it looked funny.  He still told me I wasn’t pregnant and crazy.  When Christmas day rolled around I really didn’t feel right.  I made him go out to Walgreens and buy two more pregnancy tests.  I went abruptly upstairs and took two.  Both clearly and absolutely positive.  I laid the positive pregnancy tests on my dresser and went downstairs in tears and in shock.

Later when it was time to go to bed, I glanced at the tests and realized they were sitting next to the fertility statue.  I laughed.  Could it be?

Flash forward to January 15, 2016.  We had our second ultrasound.  We had the first ultrasound because I was bleeding and we wanted to make sure that the baby was okay.  A few days later I had my regular scheduled ultrasound.  Low and behold there were TWO heartbeats.  We were having twins!

When we got home that day, I looked at my husband and pointed to the statue.  I said that damn statue.

We found out that we were having identical twins.  This comes as a high risk pregnancy due to them sharing a placenta and resources.  So, we were referred to an awesome maternal fetal specialist.  He attributed to the identical twins to my husband having “super sperm”.  I think he is crazy.  It has to be that statue.

So, it is either a giant coincidence or superstition.  I have been told by several people that you cannot just get rid of the statue.  I thought about gifting it to my best friend for her wedding last year, but she is already pregnant and expecting her first baby in September.  I have been told that we either have to wrap it in white and gift it or put it in a stream and let it float downriver to dispose.  So, for now the statue remains.

However, I recently started the minipill.  We will see how good this statue is.  Ha, just kidding.  I am not taunting the statue.  I swear.