I had been pumping for 9 months without any major issues, I mean except for the fact that it’s been exhausting.  In the beginning I was pumping 7-8 times a day for 15-20 minutes a session.  There are many things in my life that I have quit prematurely.  I was bound and determined to make it to the end of my pumping adventure.  Prior to having my babies I literally knew nothing.  I guess I kind of figured by 6 months it would be time to wean.  Wrong!  So, then I didn’t have a date to stop it was just when the time came to wean the babies.  So, the pumping continued.  But then I became absolutely physically exhausted and started getting sick.  I have autoimmune issues (not really classified as anything right now) and the lack of sleep from getting up in the middle of the night to pump and not being able to fall asleep was taking its toll.  I got a large stockpile of formula and then came a fork in the road.  Continue pumping or transition over to all this free formula?  I decided to pump awhile longer.  It is absolutely amazing to me that my small 5 lb babies have turned into 21 lb almost 22 lb infants.  I mean I am it’s not all because of my milk but in my head I know that I helped get them there.

Then came my first round of mastitis.  I don’t think I had ever been so sick in my life.  I know I had never had a fever as high as I got then or at least to my recollection.  I also had a severely clogged duct.  So, then I had to keep going.  From the advice of many people on an exclusively pumping group, I bought some lecthin to help with clogged ducts and the pumping continued.

Then a week and a half ago came the second round of mastitis.  Not as bad as the first.  I caught it early and started antibiotics.  My fever didn’t go over 100.4 this time.

Then on Friday I noticed this deep breast pain.  It traveled from my nipple through my breast tissue up into my armpits.  It didn’t feel sore it felt electric almost.  I tried changing bras, I tried heat and ice packs.  Nothing was helping.  So, you know being an internet expert I googled my symptoms.  It all pointed to trush.  That night I came down with a horrible yeast infection.  SORRY IF THIS IS TOO MUCH INFORMATION.  With almost certainty that I had thrush and having a new tube of Nystatin, I started treatment.  After pumping I applied a solution of vinegar (one cup water to 1 tablespoon of vinegar) and Nystatin And then using olive oil to wash away the Nystatin prior to pumping.  I asked for advice on the pumping group, 5 people confirmed that my symptoms sounded like thrush and they suggested that I also buy a good probiotic to restore what the antibiotics destroyed.  So, I started that Monday.  Yesterday everything still felt bad, my breasts still hurt and my yeast infection had no improvement.  I called my OB/GYN’s office for advice.  I spoke to a nurse and before I could explain what was going on she just told me she would call in an all-purpose nipple cream to the pharmacy.  I told her that I thought the trush was in my ducts because I was having extreme, deep breast tissue pain.  So, she called in a 2 week supply of Diflucan and more Nystatin.  It was disappointing to me that my doctor’s office was so dismissive.  Wouldn’t you want to make sure that was what was going on before putting more chemicals in me?  I tried to go the non-medication route, but it just wasn’t cutting it.  So, that was really disappointing to me.  Since giving birth I have had a couple of issues with my OB, so I think I might be looking into a new one.  I guess postpartum care isn’t of worth their time.  Makes me glad that I was under the care of a maternal fetal specialist for my twins.

But I digress, my point in this blog post is that I did not want to end my journey like this.  My breasts are in more pain than I let on, yet I continue to pump.  I went 9 months with no issues and I wanted to wean slowly, dropping a pump every few days.  I am just disappointed that I have to end on a bad note or at least a memory that my last couple months were really rough.  I am not stopping abruptly.  I plan on continuing to drop pumps slowly because I do NOT want mastitis a third time.  However, I guess due to the trush my supply is tanking.  I used to be three days ahead in the fridge now I am just pumping for the next day.  I am just severely dismayed.  I know that I did good up until this point though and the babies will be 10 months on the 27th, so its about time to cut back and wean anyways.

But this isn’t a poor me post, it’s just exclusively pumping is damn hard.  So, kuddos to all the mommas out there sacrificing your nutrients to feed your babies!