Ok so it is happening.  I have a crawling baby.  Last night he was slowly mastering it.  He crawled across the bedroom during bath time to flick the door jamb (which he just thought was hilarious by the way, I will have to get a video of it).  This morning he has just taken off.

This is making me realize all of the things that I haven’t quite baby proofed.  I’m sure that there will always be something that they will find even if you think that you have baby proofed 100%.  The first thing that I have found is the floor lamp.  It’s already been knocked over twice but not from him crawling, from them ramming it with the baby walkers.  We don’t have ceiling lights and won’t be able to put them in without undertaking tearing up all the sheetrock to wire it.

I’ve already told him no five times at this point.  Now I think he thinks it’s a fun new trick

What is scarier than one crawling baby?  Two crawling babies.  However, I am not quite there yet.  It’s a little sad that Noah is crawling all over the place and Gabey is not quite there yet.  He hasn’t gotten up on his knees yet.  He has pulled himself and wiggled forward dragging his little legs.  This is completely different from how Noah started.  I know, I know.  No comparing babies but it’s so dang hard.

gabe no
Don’t mind the mess!

The sad part is that Noah keeps crawling up to Gabey and stealing his toys.  Although I am not quite sure he is one to be bullied, he can usually dish it right back.

So, now the fun begins.  My new diet plan will be corralling babies.  I have noticed that Noah seems happier now that he can get over to what he wants to.  At least for today that is the case.

For those with twins how long did it take for your other baby to learn to crawl?