I’m sure that any twin momma may relate to this post.  Going anywhere with twins is always an adventure in and of itself because, well you are getting yourself and two infants ready.  But what makes those trips out even harder?  Other people!

The question is how to address people who follow you around the grocery store asking you asinine questions while you are just trying to pick out cereal.  I have found a barrage of funny memes that I post to my Facebook wall that I would love to say to them.

It would go:

Them:  “Are they twins?”

Me:  “No, I just found one in the parking lot.” or “No, I just use the other one for spare parts.”  or “No, they are triplets but I leave the ugly one at home.”  or “Shit, where is the other one.  Tommy!!!”

But let’s face it that is rude.  Except they aren’t intentionally being rude but I would be.

So, instead I usually just grin and bear with their questions.  After people ask if they are twins the next question is are they boys or girls?  Well, they aren’t in dresses and wearing blue not that means anything but to me they are obviously boys.  Then it is usually followed up with a story about their great uncle once removed was a twin.  I don’t know why people feel the need to tell you about every twin they have ever met.  But none of this is as annoying as the personal questions that I have gotten.

Here are some of the off the wall personal questions I have gotten:

“Do you breastfeed?”

“Were they natural?”

“Did you want twins?”

And then there are other questions like, “do you have a favorite?”

Why! Why would you ask a stranger these questions?  I want to shout I’m just trying to buy some damn noodles leave me alone.  I am already an awkward, shy person so I don’t like small talk let alone small talk with strangers asking personal questions.

So, how do you deal with this?  I usually just smile and nod and try to make a break for it at the earliest opportunity.  I try not to be rude and the truth is I have limited time at the store.  I am usually there in between baby naps and feeding and just need to get in and out.  People obviously don’t mean any harm.  I guess since I have twins I don’t see the allure but people seem to sometimes think of them as a sideshow.  Kudos to mommas out there that take triplets or quads out of the house.  I can only imagine the spectacle.

Also, let this serve as a PSA for those that see twin mommas out there.  Let us be, we are running on limited time and have shit to get done!

What’s the weirdest question you got asked by a stranger?