I have been to the store with the boys alone more times than I can count.  Its been one of the things I try to do alone with them.  But it is usually just to grab a few things.  I reserve the week-long, giant grocery trip for Saturdays when my husband is home.  This past Saturday morning he got called out to work.  You guys know how much I love him getting called out to work (Friday Feels (May 26th)), two days in a row was wonderful.  NOT.  I figured that we could just go grocery shopping on Sunday but then I realized I was out of baby food and that grocery shopping of some sort was going to be inevitable not to mention I was out of food for us too.

Here are my tips for surviving a trip to the store with two little humans.

  1. Be organized.  I always make a list anyways but this time it was super important.  I didn’t want to be wandering around the store wondering what I was going to make for the week and what ingredients I would need.  I usually sit down after they go down for their first nap, plan the menu for the week, and make a list of what ingredients I will need at the store to make the items.  This week I learned that it’s a must to put everything on the list.  I forgot some essentials that I usually don’t put on the list that are just a given, like coffee creamer and almond milk.  So, a second trip was warranted on Monday but can’t be perfect, right?
  2. Make sure the babies are fed, which equals content and their diapers are changed.  Even though it is inevitable that Gave will poop as soon as he gets in the car I still want to set up the situation for success.
  3. Make sure the diaper bag is stocked.  I always leave the diaper bag in the car because I really don’t need it in the house, so I always try to make sure that I have enough diapers and wipes.
  4. Scour the parking lot of the grocery store for a double cart.  We usually go to one of two stores to go grocery shopping.  One of which is Wal-Mart.  I personally hate Wal-Mart but the local grocery store we go has had some questionable products.  We have come home with bad ground turkey, moldy cheese and english muffins.  I was severely disappointed.  I could NOT handle the madness of Wal-Mart alone so I went to the local grocery store, which was good because I like their double carts.  Lucky for me one was in a cart corral which I parked next to and loaded up the boys.
  5. Next, is pretty simple attack the store one aisle at a time going off your list.
  6. Be prepared for people who are going to stop and ask you about your babies.  It was way worse for me than it has ever been before on Saturday.  I guess because I was alone?  I have no idea.  At one point I was stopped three times going down one aisle.  This couple cornered me and were asking me questions.  I dodged between them, they asked how old the babies were and running away (not really even exaggerating) I yelled down the aisle 10 months and kept on going.
  7. Pick a grocery store that bags the groceries for you.  I picked one that you have to bag them on the conveyor belt.  Bad move.  Between the cashier talking to me, a worker that was manning the self check out questioning me about the babies, trying to keep an eye on the babies that were now becoming squirrely and bagging the groceries it was a little overwhelming.
  8. Have a game plan for when you get home.  Usually my husband and I have a good system.  One of us puts the babies in high chairs and feeds them lunch while the other is putting away groceries.  This time I had to improvise.  I carried in the groceries so they didn’t have to sit in the hot car, brought the babies in putting them in the high chair immediately and then put the groceries away while they played in the high chairs.

I survived my first trip to the grocery store, shopping for the whole week of groceries.  It was a success.  Do I want to do it all the time? No, however, it is nice to know that I can do it.  One thing I thought long and hard this week while I was alone more than I really have been was how hard it has to be for people who don’t have a choice but to do this one their own.  I give them so much credit for doing what they have to do to take care of their babies.  It’s hard.

How do you twin mommas or mommas with multiple kids grocery shop?