Life can change in an instant.  Everyone knows that but its that common thought, “it will never happen to us”.  Every wife that dreads that phone call.  My husband is an HVAC mechanic so in passing thought it may not seem like a dangerous job.  However on a daily basis he is dealing with high volts of electricty, chemicals and heights.

At 9:06 Monday morning I got that call.  It was my husband.  At 9:00 a.m. I am usually upstairs getting the babies down for their nap.  However, Noah had taken a tumble while trying to pull himself up so I was trying to comfort him when my phone rang.  I answered and my husband’s voice was something I will never ever forget in a lifetime.  He told me he fell off a roof and 911 was on the way.  I asked if he was okay and he said I don’t know I need help.  I get sick writing this.  I knew from his tone it wasn’t good, but he called so that was a little comforting.  I kept asking if he could move everything but he had to go.

The next 20 minutes are a blur.  I started crying which upset the babies.  I knew I had to be strong.  I pulled my shit together and got them down for a nap and then went into recovery mode.  I had no way to get to my husband at that moment.  No one was here to take the babies.  I didn’t know where my husband fell so I called his office dispatch she was able to give me an address but no status on his condition.  She then started crying.  I hung up realizing I was comforting her telling her it was going to be okay, but was it?

Then my phone rang.  My husband was calling me on a video chat.  Only my husband.  He was in a neck brace immobilized and I could hear sirens.  He was in the ambulance and they were rushing him to the hospital.  The call did not have good reception and he was just frozen on the screen.  Which sent me into hysterics.  I needed to know the condition.  He called me back and told me he could move his fingers, legs, feet and toes.  Thank you God.  He was alive but at that point my fear was that he was going to be paralyzed.  He told me that he was on a roof when his ladder shifted, giving away.  HE went to go grab a gutter but the home owner had a guard on them so there was no where to grab.  He fell 10 feet onto a railing below.  He happened to be wearing his tool backpack and that took the brunt of the fall.  If he hadn’t of caught the railing he would have fallen another 10 feet to the ground.  He had to get off the phone.

His mother was by happenstance flying into town that day.  I made arrangements for her to be picked up and had my mom come watch the boys so I could get to my husband.  In the meantime, he was taken to the trauma department of the hospital.  They quickly evaluated him.  He had a lacerated and bleeding spleen, multiple rib fractures (pretty much his whole left side front and back), fractured L1L2, and a collapsed lung.  They were keeping him at the hospital.

It took me over 4 hours to get to my husband.  The longest 4 hours I could imagine.  Luckily his boss at work was able to go be with him while I couldn’t.

I hate hospitals.  I hate seeing people in pain.  Seeing someone I love in pain is hard.  When I walked into his room seeing him hooked up to monitors made me cry instantly.  However, I cannot put into words how much worse this situation could have been.  The gravity of the situation was hard to bear.  Never in my life did I think that I could be left alone with two babies to take care of.  It is absolutely terrifying to me that these babies could lose their father.  I just cannot put into words how thankful I am that this isn’t the case right now.

I feel guilty thinking about my entries complaining that its hard to take care of these babies alone during the day.  How petty.  Is it difficult? Yes.  Do I have my partner helping me all the the other times?  Abso-fucking-lutely.  Do I understand how much he does now?  Abso-fucking-lutely.  My husband truly by every meaning of the word is my partner.  He is everything.  He does so much around here.  Now that burden will be on me while he is healing.  I will gladly take this burden because I know that it is temporary.  He will heal and be here.  He will be here to help when he is better.  That makes me feel so happy.

So, my blog may be on hiatus for a little bit while I take care of my two baby bubs and my dear husband.

But I am thankful beyond words.  I have my husband.  Broken and all but I still have my husband!