This weekend or last week rather one of my twins decided to be a holy terror, which just so happens to coincide with my husband being incapacitated.  This equation makes for a very stressful week but particularly bad weekend.  I am not sure if you other mommas follow the Wonder Weeks or not however I have along this journey.  It seems to be at times when my babies going through huge mental leaps that he seems to follow into what the Wonder Weeks refers to as the three C’s:  cranky, clinging and crying.  This can be the only conclusion that I can come to that would explain his actions.  During the last weeks he has probably gone through the biggest leaps that I can think of since he was born.  Within the month he has mastered crawling, pulling up and standing, the pinscher grasp, and making all kinds of new sounds.

stand no

Over the weekend, if he was not touching me he was crying and even then sometimes he was still crying.  And it’s not just the crying because I can tolerate that but he was full on screaming.  I could not change his diaper without him trying to roll over and if I tried to roll him back over it was a new level of hissy fit that I have never seen before.  In addition to this I have a full on puree strike from both of my bubs.  Noah, the one going through the mental distress as I will call it, was having a full on meltdown during eating.  I felt like I was waterboarding the kid during feeding.  The first 6 or 7 spoonfuls would go flawlessly and then all of a sudden he would start hysterically crying to a point that he would make himself sick.  I am obviously not going to force feed a baby.  So he’s gone without his solids for a few meals.  Making me feel even worse about this situation.  So, this morning I said screw the purees and they got pancakes and fruit.  You would think that the whole world had shifted.  I had two smiling, laughing babies eating their breakfasts.  And best part I didn’t have to do a darn thing besides sit there and watch them feed themselves.  So, I guess we are done with purees.  This makes me nervous because last week there was a choking incident on a puff.  I lept across the room like a ninja, took the tray to the high chair off in one swooped, scooped up the bub and did the Heimlich.  Right afterward I thought to myself well that was dramatic the damn thing probably would have dissolved.  Mother instinct, I guess?  That’s what we will go with anyways.

Having my husband home since his accident at work is of course nice to spend time together.  However, I am used to doing my “job” alone.  I am used to caring for the boys but this past couple weeks it feels like muppet theater.  You know the two muppets sitting in the front commentating on the movie?  And well I’m the movie.  Like I said earlier I follow the Wonder Weeks mental leap chart.  My boys have never been on the actual weeks and that could be because they were born 5 weeks early but like I said they definitely seem to follow that three C’s rule.  Yesterday my husband was insistent on the fact that Noah was being super needy and if we wanted to cut it out we would need to ignore his behavior.  I have a different opinion.  I think that he needs nurtured to get through this leap so during these times I oblige Noah’s neediness.  I am used to doing this solo but now I feel like I have someone critiquing me.  Which makes doing my “job” a little more difficult.  Several times during the day yesterday my husband said we made him this way.  Well I am the one with them 85% of the time so in other words he is saying I made him this way.  This may be a little over sensitive but it’s also the logical reach.  All that aside I get it, he isn’t used to seeing him like this and at times I am uber frustrated.  Around 5:15 yesterday I had a mental breakdown.  Both babies were screaming I was trying to get them changed and Noah was freaking out about getting a diaper put on and let’s face it at that point they had already been up 12 hours and it was day 6 of crabby bub.  I just cried as I was feeding him.  Then of course later on after Noah was bathed and he was waiting for his bottle he was just so damn cute and I felt frustrated with myself for getting frustrated.  I tried to explain to my husband that wouldn’t it be hard to be a baby, want something, not really know what you want, not being able to verbalize it or get it for yourself?  I’m pretty sure he thinks I’m bat shit crazy and maybe I am.  Do any of you mommas out there have any input?

Despite the weekend being a bit of a shit show there were some smiles and new experiences.

picnic bubs
Bubs trying out there picnic table

For some reason I was super excited about getting them a pool.  Maybe because I love the water so much.  Noah was on a sit strike for almost a month now and is getting to the point where he will sit again so we thought it was a good time to try it out.

pool bubs
Don’t worry they have swim diapers on so they don’t wee in the pool

So, you can see that they got to experience some new things and there were some smiles this weekend.  I hope that everyone had a great Father’s Day Weekend!