So, time is flying.  I’ve been slacking with blogging lately.  As I said before, my husband fell off a roof at work and he is still hurting pretty bad so things have still been a little crazy.  I sure have selfishly enjoyed having adult companionship at home lately.  I’m sure I am driving him crazy though.  But he’s stuck with me, so too bad.  The bubs are eleven months today.  Which means this day next month they will be a year.  A year?! That’s insane to me.  This last year has gone by so slow and so fast at the same time.  Day by day it seems to drag and in retrospect I’m always thinking when the hell did these babies get so big?!  We are thriving or more so surviving this twinhood thing.

So, the last couple weeks the bubs have been rejecting purees.  I have always had cats, which get dry food and wet food.  So, without thinking I have many times called the baby purees wet food and its now turned into a household joke.  So we don’t get confused I will call it wet food in the blog.  What do I mean by they have rejected it?  They haven’t just spit it out.  Noah will cry at the top of his lungs if you put a spoonful in his mouth.  Like grand hysterics.  That’s how this all started.  Then it turned into Gabriel spitting it.  And not just like spit it out but spraying it all over the place, feet away.  It’s so frustrating but at the same point you know you can’t give them a reaction.  So, for a few days I would just take their food away and they would be done.  Before I seem like Cruella here, they still get 4 bottles a day around 26oz of breastmilk/formula combo.  I’m still trying to wean from exclusively pumping so they are still getting quite a bit of milk.  So, I know solids aren’t the main source of nutrition but we are working towards that being a goal.  It got to a point where at every meal they were spitting and/or crying.  However, they love, love, love solid foods and to feed themselves.

I have been trying to introduce more and more finger foods.  Due to one choking incident I am so hesitant with everything but each day I’m working up for gall to let them try different things.  They have always gotten various fruits and veggies to pick up, including: peas, carrots, peaches, and pears.  This week they have tried avocado (which they hated), grapefruit (which they surprisingly loved) and pineapple.  The first food I tried was macaroni noodles tossed in some butter with peas and carrots.  They ate it but I don’t think they enjoyed it very much.  Yesterday they thoroughly enjoyed mac and cheese with peas.

mac and cheese.jpg

This morning they enjoyed toasted english muffin, egg yolks with a little bit of shredded cheese and some fruit.


They have also had pancakes with fruit for breakfast.  Prior to this I had been giving them oatmeal with fruit or yogurt.  My major goal with the babies is to have them eat healthy as they grow.  I don’t want junk food to be their primary source of nutrition.  I never had this instilled in me.  I grew up on diet sodas and junk.  Maybe if I had this foundation as a little one I wouldn’t have grown up always dieting and struggling with my weight.  I want my boys to understand how to read a food label but more importantly maybe they can bypass that all together and eat mostly fresh fruit and veggies.  The mac and cheese I tried wasn’t my favorite thing to try but at this point I am trying to not waste too much money while I introduce new foods.  Noah already seems to take to the “junk” food more while Gabriel will eat all his fruit and veggies first.

Does anyone have some good suggestions for the babies?  I know that most people will say they eat whatever we eat.  I don’t know if that fits best in my household right now.  I haven’t been able to cook dinners every night since my husband has been hurt so I don’t mind preparing something separate for the babies.  I want them to have the best possible start.  So, I’m looking for some good starting finger foods.