This is late but between guests and my husband’s injury I was late to blog this.  But June 27th marked 11 months of exclusively pumping for my twins!! I had blogged before about wanting to stop ASAP from pumping.  But not to be totally dramatic, I have some major anxiety about getting mastitis a third time.  So, I have been trying to slowly wean down.  I am down to two pumps a day and my milk is dwindling.  My morning pumps used to yield well over 12-14 ounces.  This morning I got barely 8 ounces.  Which really plays with my mind because I am still pumping but not making enough to sustain their milk intake.  So, it’s time to break out the freezer stash and we will be doing regular milk in just a few weeks.  I am hoping that I can fully close out this journey in a week or so fully unscathed.  No more mastitis, no more thrush just finish it out happy and successful.

I didn’t make this blog to just pat myself on the back for making it 11 months.  I never in a million years thought I would make it this long.  First off, it was so hard to pump in the early days with two fussy babies and at that time I was pumping every 2.5 to 3 hours, even through the night.  Trying to keep up with the needs of two babies was more than I though my body could endure but I pushed through.  Trying to find the right combination of water and calorie intake and supplements to boost my supply.  I had to supplement with formula throughout the journey but there was never a time not even after having surgery that the babies got more formula than milk.  That in and of itself is a huge accomplishment.  People along the way have ridiculed me for not latching or not just doing formula.  They insisted that this was too much work and they didn’t understand why I was doing it.  There were times I sacrificed time with my family and/or friends to leave to pump and fitting my day around pumping. They just didn’t understand.  And guess what?!  They don’t have to understand.  It’s not their body, it’s not their decision and the babies certainly aren’t theirs.  I did what I thought was best for my babies and nobody can take that away from me.  I am happy about the decisions I made.  Would I have done it the same way if I had to do it over again?  I’m not really sure.  But I can tell you one thing we would not have been able to afford formula with my staying home with the babies.  So, I may not have a choice but to do it this way if I had to choose.   So, it is what it is and I am proud of my accomplishment.

If I can give any words of encouragement to pumping moms that are struggling here are some:

Keep pumping!

Screw what people think.  It’s none of their damn business.

You can do it.

Drink lots and lots of water and don’t skip on meals or calories.  You need them.

Take a calcium supplement.  Due to the pregnancy and pumping my calcium has depleted and I am dealing with a lot of issues including chipping and breaking teeth.

Know that no matter what you chose to do you are doing a great job not just for you but your baby or for some of us babies!

And you are a freaking rockstar!


Here’s to my 11 months and the home stretch of a long amazing journey!!