Happy Monday blog readers.  I hope that you are having a great start to your week.  A week or two ago I had a woman comment on one of my blog posts and she said I made her glad she didn’t have twins (by no means is this any thing against her comment, it just made me sad I would make someone feel this way).  Maybe I have bitched a little too hard in my posts.  I did not want to give anyone that impression.  My goal for this blog was to have some people gain understanding that raising multiples is a whole different ballgame and also to connect with other twin mommas that may be going through some of the anguish I did in the beginning.  However, I never for a second don’t cherish my boys more than I can put into words.  So, I want to apologize to any readers that may have gotten the wrong impression about me, my writing or my feelings.  So, I really would like to take a few seconds and name off some reasons I find it amazing to be a twin momma:

  1. There is always enough bubby love to go around.  While my husband was off work we took full advantage of getting one-on-one time with the babies.  In the mornings to wind down and get them ready for a nap we would both sit with one in our laps and just watch them melt.  It was the first time they the babies had really cuddled back since they were wee little babies and it was absolutely wonderful and an amazing experience.  And the best part?  We didn’t have to fight over a baby, we could each have one.  This morning I had both babies in my lap while rocking in the rocking chair and I loved every freaking second of it.  Until I sneezed and ruined it.
  2. Even if one baby is crabby there is a good likelihood that you will have one baby in a good mood (unless there is that chance you have two cranky babies but that is a different discussion).  Even when one baby is crabby and whining there is a good chance you can look over and the other baby is smiling and laughing.
  3. They have a built-in friend for life.  Sometimes when they playing together in their playpen I will look over and see them interact with each other and it melts my heart.  I see their glances at each other and the little noises they make and I know that they are communicating with each other.  As of right now they aren’t the kind of twins that freak out if they aren’t right by each other and they can go their separate ways and play but you can see in their eyes that their connection is deep.
  4. There is never, ever a dull moment.  My days are filled with screams of joy, excitement, impatience, frustration and well sometimes screaming for no damn reason at all.  It’s full of laughs, silly noises and cries.  But sure enough there is literally never a dull moment.  I wouldn’t trade the opportunity to be home with them during this time for anything.
  5. They are always learning different things in different ways.  It is positively amazing to see the way that even though they are identical twins how different they are and especially in the way that they learn.  Noah usually does things first and Gabriel isn’t too far behind.  Gabriel has his own way of doing things that are completely opposite of Noah.  Noah has been traditional in the way that he has picked up new skills.  For instance, Noah learned how to crawl on his hands and knees.  Gabriel kind of army crawled across the floor dragging his legs.  Noah is very cautious when learning how to pull up and how to drop.  Gabriel?  Well he is freaking reckless.  He just pulled up on anything and everything and would fall like a tree yelling timber.
  6. Lastly although there is a million reasons why I love being a mom but that wouldn’t really differentiate from being a twin mom.  But I do want to add this one that any mom could truly relate to.  These babies have taught me how to love in a way I wasn’t sure ever existed.  I look at them and my heart is filled with love, protectiveness and pride.  These babies are amazing and I am lucky to be their mother.

I always want my blogs to be true to who I am and what I am feeling.  This blog seems a little sappy but it’s no bullshit.  As a twin mom my days have been filled with some trials and tribulations but it’s also filled with much love and  laughs.  Unfortunately sometimes the darker days cloud the good days and maybe I have focused too much on that and for that I do apologize.   So, I hope you enjoyed some of the gold that at the end of the twin rainbow.