Welp you guys…its happened. I have a walking baby. He’s on the move!! I will be writing something profound this week (yeah right, me profound?!) but of course for now I’m full of excuses for not writing. I’ve also been slacking reading some wonderful blogs on here, which makes me sad. So I have some catching up to do.

But for real, 1 of 2 babies are walking. And when I say walking I mean he is obsessed with it. If he’s out of the playpen it’s in full swing. He wants to walk and you must be there to help him or he will have a hissy fit. So, that’s been fun.

Also in the news this week, I had a really scary mom moment. Yesterday I put the bubs down for their morning nap. No big, right? Well I noticed some dust building up in our bedroom. I mean who really dusts the door frames? Oh but they needed it. So, I got to dusting and their room is like 5 feet from our bedroom. Well about 10 minutes into it I realized I hadn’t turned on the monitor. So I turned it on and found Gabe sitting up. I thought well that’s odd but they had been fighting their morning nap. So about five minutes later I look back and he is still sitting in the same position, unmoved. I walk over and crack open their door and he is sitting their with his eye closed and I notice white stuff all over him and on top of his head. I rush over to him and pay him down. No movement. I started to shake him a bit and he starts moving around. Scared the shit out of me. I guess he got sick and didn’t want to sleep in it. But is sleeping while sitting up a thing? Anyone else? He ended up getting sick several other times throughout the day, same with his brother. So I guess it’s a tummy bug. Poor guy.

Anyways back to the walking. Any advice on this milestone, besides drinking? Great suggestion, except I don’t!