As a first time mother to twins, I know that I am super neurotic about some things and probably lax on some things that a more experienced mother may not be.  One thing that still gives me the heebie jeebies is when strangers come up and touch my babies.  The grabbing their little feetsies I have gotten used to.  It’s usually older women and I mean who can resist baby feet.  That is not really what irks me.  Here is what happened yesterday at the park and you can tell me if I am irrational.

Yesterday my husband took off work . I had a follow-up with my rheumatologist and he later had an appointment for a follow-up for his work-related accident.  Well I usually sit at the rheumatologist for hours but got out of there in record speed.  So, when I got home we had some extra time.  Minus the puke incidents of the day before the boys seemed to be doing better so we took them to the park for fresh air.  We took them for a walk around a trail and they LOVE to swing and they were open so we took them over.  The boys were having a blast.  All of a sudden a little girl around 5 or 6 appears and she says i want to say hi to the babies.  So, I slowed the babies down for her to say hi.  All of a sudden she tries to hug them.  I said, “oh, don’t do that be careful” (because they were still swinging).  She then starts to grab both of their faces and starts to kiss them.  On the lips.  I told her please don’t do that and I start to look around for the little girl’s mom because well I really don’t like correcting other people’s kids.  It’s not my job.  Well about 60 feet sitting on a picnic table under a tree and woman starts to yell, “she goes crazy over babies.  She has baby fever.”  She starts to go for a second round of kisses and I tell her no again and she finally walks away.  I understand this little girl meant no harm.  But how would you all feel if someone did that? Well my husband could tell I was disgusted so he asked if I wanted to go around on the trail again and I said yes.  He seemed to be unbothered about what happened.  He asked me what the big deal was.  I said I hardly ever kiss the babies on their mouths (because lets face it babies are gross and I don’t think they have stopped drooling since they were in utero) and I find it weird that a stranger would kiss our babies on the lips.  I said what if they were immuno-suppresed?  That little girl could have put them in danger and I thought her mother was rude.  He said he understood but that was probably man talk for you are being irrational.  As we passed the lady heading back to her car she gave me a dirty look.  Whatever, not my problem if she had a problem with my reaction to her daughter’s actions.

However, this isn’t the first time it happened.  We went out to dinner one night and a waitress actually picked up one of the babies and kissed him on the mouth.  I was dumbstruck.  The baby was laughing and having a good time so I kind of brushed it off.

But what do you all think about this?  Does this happen to you? How do you react?