I am titling this blog stay-at-home mom chronicles because I will probably be putting out a line of blogs about my journey as a stay-at-home mom to my twin boys.  I have found since starting this journey that because I stay home people find implored to ask very pointed questions even though I would never say, “Oh, why don’t you do this…” to someone in a career path that I have no idea about.  I am going to address some of these questions and why I find them at the very least annoying.

  1. “When are you going back to work?”  Well, I will be 30 this year.  I have been living on my own since I was 18.  No one has paid my bills in the last 12 years.  So, why in the hell would it matter when I am going back to work to anyone?  That is my first gut reaction to this question. However, I am not sure in my circumstance if people ask this question out of sheer curiosity or because they know that I worked my ass off to get to the position that I was when I quit.  Whatever the reason may be I have pointed out in my past blogs that I am saving money by staying home.  I would only be netting around $3,000.00 at the end of the year if I was going to work and paying for childcare.  However, I live about 30 miles away from where my old office was.  So, if you add it up that $3,000.00 would practically be going to gas and car maintenance.  So, like I said I am saving money by NOT sending my kids to childcare.  The answer to the question of when am I going back to work is mind your own damn business.  Just kidding it is when I won’t be paying to miss out on my kids life.  Does a daycare probably know how to teach them certain things better than I do?  Probably.  Will the daycare love and nurture them the way that  I can?  Definitely not.  I don’t have an answer of when I will go back to work to be honest.  We could have more kids or maybe the hours will be too funky by the time the bubs will be in pre-school.  I don’t have an exact time frame of when I will go back to work.  I will go back when the time is right.
  2. “What do you do with you time all day?”  Well let’s see does your boss follow you to the bathroom and try to climb up your leg while you are wiping your ass?  If you answer yes you may be getting some big money because honey that is a nice sexual harassment case waiting to happen.  What don’t I do with my time during a day is a better question.  I haven’t slept past 5:45 a.m. in over 13 months.  I don’t get to sleep in on the weekends.  And I sure as hell don’t get to clock out at 4:00 p.m. and check my problems at the office door.  My job is 24/7 and my bosses are pretty demanding.  I have had people ask me “what do you do when the kids nap?”  Well currently I am blogging but before I sat down to my computer I hurriedly cleaned up all the toys that the babies had to drag out of their basket and I swept up the floor because they learned what fun it is to throw their breakfast off their high chair trays.  Also, it is my only time to truly enjoy my cup of coffee in the morning.  And lets face it I need that caffeine.  But my day is a whirlwind of bottles, preparation of their meals, my food and my husband’s food, washing bottles, washing dishes, cleaning up toys, straightening up their playpen just to have to be wrecked and so on.  I also try to take the kids out once a day somewhere whether it be to the park or to walk around a trail.  My day is constant and it doesn’t stop because it’s time for lunch or time to leave for the day.  Because there is no leaving.  All that overtime that working people get paid for I don’t get paid for except in drooly kisses and baby hugs.  Which is worth it don’t get me wrong.  But don’t underestimate the time and work that I put in just because I am at home.  This kind of goes along with the next question…
  3. “Don’t you get bored?” HAHAHAHAH. This question I will just laugh in your face.  I am not bored.  Do my days get mundane?  You can bet your happy ass they do but they are not boring.  See above!  Not to mention once I think I have my shit figured out the babies throw me for a loop.  They are constantly learning new things which keeps me on my toes and brings about new challenges.  I really shouldn’t even be calling them babies anymore.  They are toddlers now.  I was in the kitchen yesterday making their dinner and I turn around and here comes Gabe walking into the kitchen.  What a crazy sight to see.  My baby walking into the kitchen.  It was nothing less than amazing.
  4. “Don’t you miss working?”  Of course I miss working.  I miss how easy it was to be honest.  Was my job hard?  Yes.  Is this harder? 100%.  However, I do also miss being able to interact with others.  I loved socializing with people in the office even if they were gossipy and drama filled at times.  I miss challenging myself intellectually.  Let’s face it in a world full of texting and baby talk my brain is a little mushy although I have been trying to read more books in my copious spare time (SARCASM).  So, of course I miss working.

In addition to questions, I get assinine statements as well.  Like “you’re so lucky you don’t have to go to work” and “you have it so easy compared to working moms”.  Last time I checked motherhood isn’t a competition and if it is I didn’t get the memo.  The truth is everyone in every circumstance has a different level of challenges.  I just try to keep my truth and say things the way that they are.  Everyday I am still trying to figure out motherhood and my new normal.  Along with not mentally stabbing people who ask pointed questions.  I know most of the time people don’t mean any harm when they ask questions like the ones above but that doesn’t mean that every time you see someone and they ask the same questions over and over that they don’t get any less annoying.

Can anyone relate?  Or have any other questions they always get asked?