It’s been just about three weeks since I stopped pumping and part of me feels incomplete.  Just kidding I was so over being strapped to that damn machine but I do have a bunch of extra time.  So, now I am left with the question:  now what?

During my early postpartum days I tried a strict diet in hopes to lose some baby weight.  I was hungry and weak and was gaining weight.  I got so frustrated and I realized that my body was storing fat due to not enough calories because of the pumping.  So, I said if I am going to be miserable, hungry and gaining weight I am going to start eating whatever the hell I want.  And boy did I jump down the rabbit hole of cherry cokes, Royal Reese’s Brownie Blizzards from Dairy Queen and all kinds of other indulgences.  What was I thinking?  I could have found middle ground, right?  Well I ended up losing the baby weight but my body is still left, well flabby and I had no energy.  Waking up lethargic isn’t exactly my idea of a good time.  Therefore, I thought what better way to occupy all this new time I have getting into shape.  Growing up I never really had any role models for healthy lifestyles.  Both my parents smoked, drank nothing but soda (I don’t even think I knew what water was for years and years) and they didn’t eat anything but processed easy food.  I have struggled with my weight my whole life.  This journey that I want to embark on with my extra time isn’t necessarily all about losing weight but I want to be a good role model for my bubs.  I want them to love fruits and veggies and know what  well-balanced meal is and have other drinking options except Diet Pepsi.  This isn’t a crack at my parents but rather my choice and setting good examples for my boys.

The bubs lunch yesterday:  fajita chicken, fresh strawberries and mixed veggies

We recently invested in a jogging stroller.  And by invested I mean I bought it off OfferUp from an individual that was selling it as “new, open box, never used”.  Which was a lie.  I sent my husband to pick it up, because well I wasn’t going to fall victim to the Craigslist killer.  I went to use in on Friday and found the damn strap was broken.  We contacted the guy that sold it and the response was “I don’t do refunds”.  Jackass.  But anyways, I digress, so for the past week I have been doing interval jogging.  I couldn’t even run a mile in high school so if I could get in shape now I would feel like this is a huge victory and can’t wait to set that example for my babies.

Okay, so with my extra time I will be planning and prepping healthy meals as well as spending time walking, jogging and hopefully running eventually.  Planning meals is hard work.  In order for this lifestyle change to work for me, I need variety.  My husband is content eating the same thing every single day, however, I am not.  I am constantly searching for new recipes to try.  But the actual prepping is very, very time consuming.  The time after the babies would go to bed used to be spent on the couch piling treats into my mouth but now I am in the kitchen prepping a healthy snack and the next days breakfast.  I’ve been doing this about two weeks now and I already feel a huge surge of energy.  It’s amazing.

But what else?  I will hopefully be blogging more.  I have also occupied my time getting my house in some kind of order.  Anyone with twins can probably say that their house spends some time in disarray and if you can’t say that good for you!  My husband helps with a lot of the housework but I would like to take the brunt of that now that I have 2.5 extra hours in my day.

I am sure that I will find other ways to occupy my time.  Hopefully I can find something that interests me and find something that can bring in some extra money.  Being a stay-at-home mom I would like to find some way to help especially since money is tight on one income.

Any moms want to share what you found to fill in all that extra time?

Anybody like to share any healthy recipes they love?