In my last blog (Chronicles of an Exclusive Pumper: Now what?!) I noted that I have started an exercise/new diet plan regime.  I have run across a problem.  It’s been a problem my whole life but I guess now that I am a mom I would like to fix the problem rather than manuever around it. I put my bubs down for a nap and I started to get dressed for my job that I will go on when they wake up.  On Sunday when I jogged I had an underwire bra on and it rub me raw straight down my sternum and quit frankly they were flopping every which way anyways.  Not the ideal running gear, obviously!  This morning while getting dressed I was like how do I make do with what I got??  Let me preface this with saying that prior to getting pregnant I was a 38G and had to special order my bras which are over $60 a pop but I like to order them from a site that once or twice a year has a special “Buy 2 Get 2 Free”.  So I make do until that sale comes along.  Two months into my pregnancy I was spilling out of my 38G and got fitted for a 40H.  Well it wasn’t too much further in I was spilling out of that but at that point everything was bloated and overgrowing so I just said eff it and wore it until the babies were born and it was time for a nursing bra.  Anyways, flash forward and I am in this awkward state where I am between a 38G and 38H.  But this isn’t really what my problem is but I wanted to make it clear with what I am working with.  When I am running I don’t want my ladies just flopping around and giving me black eyes, ya know?!

Back to where I was, this morning, I am trying to figure out something to work for my jog this morning.  I pull out an old sports bra, one that is supposed to fit “busty women”.  That’s a freaking joke.  I look like some uniboob act in a side-show.  I would be right next to the bearded lady.  So in order to combat that I pull out a cami that I accidentally bought a long time ago, you know the ones with the shelf bra that is useless as tits on a snake.  So I put that on and it comes up to the middle line of my bust.  Looks ridiculous but it gives me that little extra support that the sports bra doesn’t it and I put on a tank top over all of it.  I still have a giant uniboob but at least my ladies aren’t flopping all around and I won’t get chaffed.

Before I go to write this blog this morning I priced out sports bras for my size.  Do you know how much they want for this? Upwards of $70.  I could not find one less than $60.  Here’s my issue if it’s worth it I will pay for it.  But I cannot go to a store and try it on.  I have to run the risk of ordering online, waiting for it and then if it doesn’t fit I have to send it back.  People claim no hassle returns but you know that shit is always a hassle.  At least I always feel it is.  It was less of a hassle when I would order stuff from amazon and I could use my printer at work (at now cost to me), print it off and use the office’s return envelopes. Doing that on my dime is a hassle.  I’m sorry if that sounds lazy.  All of which will take weeks.  When I was pregnant I was in a wedding and needed a strapless bra for my bridesmaid’s dress.  Even though the flat chested other girls in the wedding pointed out that the dress had a built-in bra.  HA. HA. HA.  Do you want me standing up there with my tits tucked into my underwear?  Small chested people do not understand the struggle.  Seriously.  Well I went to 5 different stores to find one.  FIVE.  I even went to a specialized bra place that they advertise everywhere.  They had nothing above a DDD.  Are you kidding me?  A specialized bra store did not even cater to people with my problem.  So, the chances of me tracking down a store that carries a specialized bra for a specialized size are slim to none.  Why would a specialized bra store need all those small sizes for?  I mean really.  You can go to Wal-Mart, Target, JcPenney’s, Dillards, Macy’s oh and did I forget to mention Victoria Secret?! I could go on.  But you can go any place so what’s the point of a specialized boutique if you aren’t SPECIAL.  I have gone off on an angry tangent but it is frustrating.

Another question that plagues me is why should I have to pay that much extra? Oh because places can charge that much because women with big chests don’t have much of a choice?!

Basically what this angry rant is trying to accomplish is trying to find someone with some advice.  Short of wrapping myself in Ace bandages and making my own damn sports bra I am unsure what to do.  Do any big chested mamas have any suggestions?  Do you have a bra that you use and love? A sports bra?