Welp, I guess the time has come.  Early or not it has arrived.  My bubs have entered the “terrible two” phase at 14 months.  Well they will be 15 months on the 27th for what it is worth.  Just when I thought I had my shit figured out the twins came in like whining wrecking balls.  My two went from happy and running around (you know because they do that now, it went from crawling to walking to running in like a month) to bawling over a leaf that blew away.  The first week of this tantrum business really rattled my nerves.  It started on a Friday, my husband and I actually had a date night planned so my mom babysat.  The next day they woke up in quite a mood, which I thought no big deal their routine was a little disrupted last night so that is probably why.  We headed off to the pumpkin patch after they woke up from their first nap and entered a shit show.  They wanted to go where they wanted to go and if you tried to stop them it was World War III.  I had never really seen them act like that.  I was holding one and my husband had the other and it was like I was wrestling a raccoon from a trashcan.  It was insanity.  We were those parents.  You know the ones I’m talking about.  The parents you scoffed at before having children.  The ones that could not control their kids.  Their screams echoed through the tent while we were trying to pay for the pumpkins.  After we got them home I just thought to myself, “okay, they just could not handle the new freedom of roaming around in public”.

Well here I am two weeks later and my kids are still throwing tantrums.  This morning it was an all out hissy fit because Noah found the only thing in the kitchen not baby proofed.  He learned how to open the drawer.  This particular drawer is extra big and hold the silverware.  I’m not convinced that if he pulled hard enough it wouldn’t come out.  So I stood there and held the drawer closed, figuring he would lose interest soon enough.  WRONG! He cried and cried and cried some more.  He tried to rip my fingers off of it.  At one point Gabriel walked up to see what the fuss was about and Noah pushed him away.  Finally after five minutes of this, I realized he wasn’t going to give up.  So, I took his little baby hand and led him into the living room and started to play with something and he soon forgot about the wondrous drawer.

I have taken up jogging and yoga.  The jogging to get into shape and the yoga to relax and center my mind.  I was not joking when I said the tantrums were rattling my nerves.  When we were leaving the pumpkin patch a couple Saturdays ago, I was shaking and frustrated.  I have realized over the last couple weeks that telling them “no” over and over only frustrates me and they are really enjoying the attention whether it be negative.  So, I have been trying to just minimize the frustration.  I have taken baby proofing the extra mile (although once I think I have it figured out they find the one thing I didn’t get) but I have taken away the dangers and made it safe for them to freely explore the house without getting into frustrating situations of having a “no” war with them.  The screaming and the crying I try to use distraction as my main tool in my arsenal.  I have noticed telling them “no” now seems to be more effective.   I have also tried using more calm tones and telling them I understand they are frustrated but this or that isn’t okay or you will have to wait 30 more seconds for your food, etc.

I’m still trying to figure this phase out though.  I’m open to suggestions.  So, please share how you dealt with the tantrum phase, because I would love to hear!