I would love to go right into a topic, however, I don’t feel that it is fitting as I have been so absent from my blog as of late.  I would like to give you a really good excuse but I don’t have one.  I have just been busy.  I have taken on a pretty strenuous diet and exercise regime and totting my bubs around when I go.  Add the holidays on top of that and well I have been an absentee blogger.  So, just let me fill you in and then I can get on with topics later this week (or next, let’s be realistic here).

So, the last week of August, my mother-in-law was in town.  She had snapped some pictures and sent them to me and I was horrified at how I looked.  Granted I did just have two babies a year before but let’s be honest, I didn’t start that journey skinny.  The pictures were of me and my husband on the playground playing with the bubs.  I looked like I ate my prior self.  Our diet was horrendous.  My husband came home with large Blizzards from Dairy Queen almost every night.  And I am not joking.  It’s embarrassing to say.  Those damn Blizzards had extra candy in them as well.  When I delivered my twins I was 316 pounds.  About a month after they were born my husband and I decided we were going to exercise and diet.  Well my milk plummeted and that really spiralled our downfall.  So, September 1st I decided I wanted to make sure that we set a healthy example for the kids.  That really was our main goal starting out.  I started to keep a food diary, tracking calories and water and decided we would be eating about 90% clean.  I cook every single night now.  The only exception being if my husband grills.  In the beginning we decided it would be hard to get to a gym, so we decided to jog.  I started out jogging for a few well probably feet and then walk.  To make a long story short I jogged 4 miles yesterday in 45 minutes 17 seconds.  WITHOUT STOPPING.  The progress I have made has blown my mind.  I am not bragging, I am just excited.  When we started this my husband told me I would be running 5k’s in no time.  I laughed at him.  A couple of months later and it was a reality.  Never in my life have I ran like this. EVER.  Not even in middle school running the mile in gym class.  To date, I have lost 110 pounds since delivering the babies.  I have lost 36 pounds since September 1st.  Now if you want to do the math you can figure out what I weigh but I don’t want to put it in writing just yet.  I have been doing Yoga in the evenings and some weights and crunches in the morning.  All of this possible while totting the twins on the jogs.  I am excited for what the future holds and I am also excited to be doing something for myself while in turn doing it for my family.  If my boys don’t have to struggle with their weight because they understand healthy food choices that will be a win for me.  I know things cannot always be prevented but I wish I would have had that opportunity.  These boys love to eat, so why not start them on a healthy path early.

What else has been going on? HA. I have twin toddler terrors that have more mood swings than a hormonal teenage girl.  Just yesterday Gabe learned to headbutt and hit Noah.  This morning he was doing the same to me.  While at the park yesterday, it was time to go home for lunch.  I guess that is not what they had in mind.  I swear people were looking at us from a football field’s length away as we tried to wrestle two toddlers into their car seats.  I didn’t give into their terroristic ways.  We loaded up and went home.  Just last weekend we needed to go to the shoe store because my pinkie toe was hanging out of my running shoes.  The store was less than helpful and we had to wait quite awhile to get assistance.  In the meantime, the bubs started to have meltdowns.  They were screaming so loud in the shoe store I swear their front glass window cracked.  I lugged them back to the car and made my husband finish the transaction.  This past Friday we went to a tree farm to cut down our own Christmas tree.  I believe the last time I posted I described the meltdown at the pumpkin patch.  We had a moment like that but my husband and I decided to push through and stay and finish what we started.  This time I was prepared with snacks and sippy cups which seemed to really help (until we ran out of snacks and then apparently the world crumbled underneath Noah, he needs unlimited snacks to survive).  What’s my point you ask?  Well my point is that I have been really trying to navigate my new reality.  My problems aren’t just my kids laying there and crying anymore.  They are fighting, getting into things and throwing tantrums.

However, tantrums aside, the bubs personalities have been shining through lately.  Some bad but mostly good.  I realize I have two very goofy and loving children.  And so smart, too smart for their own good.  So, while I have been busy I have really been enjoying watching them grow, thrive and learn.  It’s been amazingly crazy!

I will try to get back on my shit because I have some really good topics I would love to write about and hopefully connect with other twin parents or just parents in general!

Here is a picture of my twin parent win for the week…

christmas tree.jpg
Tree in a pen!