Hi all!! Remember me? It’s been wayyyyyy too long since I have written.  I don’t want to abandon my blog and I have a million excuses but really it boils down to my blog taking a back burner to my new journey I started . But I would like to share that journey so I need to make sure that I keep writing.  Not to mention my journey with my bubs (which can I just say how freaking big they are now.  They aren’t babies anymore!).

So, what have I been doing?  I have been on a health journey.  In August of 2017 my mother-in-law came for a visit and she took pictures of me with the kids and sent them to me.  I didn’t even recognize that person.  I looked like I ate myself.  So, on September 1st my husband and I started a healthier lifestyle.  I don’t want to call it a diet because let’s face it diets fade this change needs to be forever.  I don’t stick to any diet regime, we just eat about 90% clean and I keep a food journal on the Fitbit app to keep track of everything that goes into my mouth.  I am literally accountable for every crumb that goes into my mouth with no wavering.  It’s really a wake up call when you do that and start to realize where you are wasting calories.  We also exercise.  I have to break mine up throughout the day but I usually run in the mornings and do yoga every afternoon while my bubs are napping.  So, you can see where in the hell would I find time to blog??

As of September 2017, I have lost 62 pounds.  But it’s not just the number on the scale to me.  I am running.  I remember being in P.E. class in middle school and in high school and having to run the mile.  I couldn’t.  So, I always acted like I was “too cool for school” and refused.  In actuality, I was too fat and lazy.  Even then.  Now I can run 5 miles without stopping.  This may not seem like a lot to many but this is more of an accomplishment for myself than I can put into words.  In December, my husband and I ran our first official 5k and I did it in 33 minutes.  I am still in awe that I run 5k’s like it’s nothing.  Also, I don’t want my boys to struggle with their weight.  This journey was really started with them in mind.  I want to give them the proper tools to make good food choices and to not be so fixated on food.  I mean for me I still can’t indulge on cheat days because I do not want to fall down that rabbit hole.  I want them to know food is fuel and can be good but you don’t need to be a glutton.

On top of the running I also do yoga.  I started a 30 day yoga challenge from some videos I found on YouTube.  Yoga With Adriene is absolutely amazing.  Her attitude is great and she is so easy to follow.  I was by far an extreme, stiff beginner and as of right now I am on day 28 of that challenge and can already do some of the harder moves (mostly).  It has helped with some of the back pain that I suffer from as well as calming my soul.  Because let’s face it my 17 month old twins are so freaking cute but they have now turned into tantrum toddlers on a tirade most of the time.

Well, I wanted to share a picture of my progress…

fat to fit
Now and then!

I just wanted to share a bit about my journey.  I know as moms we tend to lose ourselves, always putting everyone’s needs first.  This journey started about my bubs but really it has opened my eyes to how I have neglected myself.  I am still more self-conscious than I can put into words but I am started to accept the reflection in the mirror and hopefully I can learn to love what I see, not necessarily because I am skinnier but because I worked damn hard to get there.  I have done this whole journey with not stepping one foot into a gym.  This is all at home or outside running.  I did not want to drag the kids to the gym and put them in the daycare there (just a personal preference–no judgement by any means).  I was 244 pounds when I started and couldn’t run for more than a couple of minutes, literally.  I also don’t have much if any help with the kids besides my husband so I fit everything into their nap time or take them running with me when it is warm enough.  So, I hope that I can inspire someone to take charge of their own health journey because I wish I had looked to someone for some inspiration.

My next blog will be what the kids are up to because we have all kinds of exciting things going on!!

Thank you for reading.