Twinned and Confused

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Chronicles of an Exclusive Pumper: DONE

Today is a very, very exciting day and hopefully I am not jumping the gun.  Today marks two days since I have pumped.  I have weaned down very slowly and then skipped a day, pumped 2 mornings ago for about... Continue Reading →

Stranger Germs

As a first time mother to twins, I know that I am super neurotic about some things and probably lax on some things that a more experienced mother may not be.  One thing that still gives me the heebie jeebies... Continue Reading →

Walk It Out

Welp you guys...its happened. I have a walking baby. He's on the move!! I will be writing something profound this week (yeah right, me profound?!) but of course for now I'm full of excuses for not writing. I've also been... Continue Reading →

Surviving Twins: The First Year

I did it! I did it! Last Thursday my twins turned a year. Let me tell you I deserve a damn trophy. The first year is no joke people, especially being my first. It was literally a never ending repeating... Continue Reading →

Heavy reads

I'm having one of those rough patches I have encountered along the way in this long but short year of being a twin momma. This week I feel extra lonely and underappreciated. One can only care so much for others... Continue Reading →

Joys of Being a Twin Mom

Happy Monday blog readers.  I hope that you are having a great start to your week.  A week or two ago I had a woman comment on one of my blog posts and she said I made her glad she... Continue Reading →

And Then There Were Three

I have been slack-a-lackin' on blogging the last month.  I apologize for that.  I could use the excuse that my husband had his work accident and we had visitor after visitor.  All of that would be true.  But the truth... Continue Reading →

Chronicles of an Exclusive Pumper: 11 Month Award

This is late but between guests and my husband's injury I was late to blog this.  But June 27th marked 11 months of exclusively pumping for my twins!! I had blogged before about wanting to stop ASAP from pumping.  But... Continue Reading →

Accepting the Reflection

Morning readers! This morning as I am feeling bloated and disgusting and getting down on myself, I needed a reminder of how far I have come.  While I was pregnant I gained either 72 lbs or 74 lbs I cannot... Continue Reading →

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