Twinned and Confused

Managing one crazy day at a time

Trying to Find a Balance in Big Boy Food

So, time is flying.  I've been slacking with blogging lately.  As I said before, my husband fell off a roof at work and he is still hurting pretty bad so things have still been a little crazy.  I sure have... Continue Reading →

Visitors After Giving Birth

Since a couple of my friends are due with babies shortly after summer time I've been thinking about my own experience with visitors in the hospital after giving birth.  My perspective on this topic has totally changed since giving birth.... Continue Reading →

Weekend of Screaming Baby

This weekend or last week rather one of my twins decided to be a holy terror, which just so happens to coincide with my husband being incapacitated.  This equation makes for a very stressful week but particularly bad weekend.  I... Continue Reading →

Twin Mom Club

I truly feel like being a twin mom is some kind of elitist club.  It's a double-edged sword to be in this club.  In the same hand you are doubly blessed but also have the curse of being stuck with... Continue Reading →


This morning I found myself trying to force out a topic for my blog.  And I got frustrated.  That is not why I started this.  People don't need another know it all forcing what they think is best on people.... Continue Reading →

In an Instant…

Life can change in an instant.  Everyone knows that but its that common thought, "it will never happen to us".  Every wife that dreads that phone call.  My husband is an HVAC mechanic so in passing thought it may not seem like... Continue Reading →

Grocery Shopping with Infant Twins

I have been to the store with the boys alone more times than I can count.  Its been one of the things I try to do alone with them.  But it is usually just to grab a few things.  I... Continue Reading →

Friday Feels (May 26th)

I don't normally blog on the weekends, however, I have had a rather frustrating evening, my husband isn't home and I would like to vent. My day actually started out nice.  The boys took a decent morning nap and they... Continue Reading →

Are they twins?: Dealing with random questions from strangers

I'm sure that any twin momma may relate to this post.  Going anywhere with twins is always an adventure in and of itself because, well you are getting yourself and two infants ready.  But what makes those trips out even... Continue Reading →

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