Twinned and Confused

Managing one crazy day at a time


Weight loss

Fat to Work in Progress

Hi all!! Remember me? It's been wayyyyyy too long since I have written.  I don't want to abandon my blog and I have a million excuses but really it boils down to my blog taking a back burner to my... Continue Reading →

Busting Out

In my last blog (Chronicles of an Exclusive Pumper: Now what?!) I noted that I have started an exercise/new diet plan regime.  I have run across a problem.  It's been a problem my whole life but I guess now that... Continue Reading →

Accepting the Reflection

Morning readers! This morning as I am feeling bloated and disgusting and getting down on myself, I needed a reminder of how far I have come.  While I was pregnant I gained either 72 lbs or 74 lbs I cannot... Continue Reading →

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